Do you need a permission slip?

Do you still need others to give you permission to do what you really want to do? Do you still care whether anyone likes it or not?

Do you make your decisions based on the opinions of others? And, if you are creative professionally, do you find yourself editing or judging new ideas because you think others will not receive them well, and they won’t be popular or sell? Have you ever trashed ideas you knew on a gut level to be brilliant, because you were afraid they’d be harshly judged by others?

Are you limited to recreating your “greatest hits”? Can you still experiment without needing to produce a beautiful finished product that makes sense to everyone else?

Is your creativity, in effect, owned by a committee you are not a member of? Are you more addicted to the popularity of your work than you are to the sheer joy of creating it, without caring whether anyone else can see it or not? Do you live your life and create for yourself from love and your truth? Or are you constantly needing others to approve?

You may have forgotten that you have fans who like your work because it came from you. You did that work out of passion and vision. If you get stuck in the past, you will get stale. You won’t have the energy to find your new vision. It is your courage that leads you to the next brilliance you bring forth. That courage is the true gift you bring, the gift of being you.

If you don’t put your work out there because you are in judgment of the critics and the group, and are sure nobody will ‘get it’ because it’s so amazing, you are also letting others decide what you are able to have.

Your ‘work’ can be defined as your life and how you live it. You are your own work. Do you have permission to create you, even if others in your world don’t like who you decide to become?

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Beautiful Graffiti’ ©Katmere on Flickr

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6 thoughts on “Do you need a permission slip?

  1. I get sad when I see artists continue to produce the same work over and over, especially artists who do the art fair circuit. How boring for them and how boring for us.

    I love the image you found for this post. It speaks exactly to what I want in my life.

  2. It’s hard to see others producing the same work again and again, and what’s more is that the work is no longer appealing to others because it doesn’t have any energy. These artists may be in fear of taking a leap, and are holding onto a picture of what it is they are capable of, thereby limiting themselves.

    Thanks, Sue. I love the energy you bring forth in your work. It is alive and beautiful.

  3. These are all great questions and comments. Perfect reminders to be authentic and to lead the life we really WANT to live. I think part of the problem for many, is that they forget they have a choice in EVERYTHING. Once they remember that, truly, it is life-changing. Only then can they really create what they want.
    Found you on Blog Catalog and like the blog. I’ll be back!

  4. Michael, very nicely put. More people are waking up to their own true power every day. It’s funny how one’s priorities change when one understands where the value in life really comes from. It looks to me like a lot of people don’t yet want to make those choices, because they want someone to be ‘in charge’ for them. Being able to ground for themselves helps people become safe enough to choose consciously. Again, not everyone will want to do so, and that’s okay too.

    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting here. I’ll come check your blog out.

  5. I think the last paragraph is the most important for me. It was the one I was waiting for. I wasn’t worried about my actual work, but about my persona and the way I put myself out there and about not being worried about being accepted. That’s the real challenge. I don’t really want to be popular, but a large part of me wants to be liked and accepted and assumes I won’t be because I don’t live by the rules of the population at large. I fit in some other box. It’s not illegal, it’s just different.

    • Nora, I do understand your concern here. It is hard to not fit in sometimes, and can feel lonely too, if one is afraid of not being liked. On the other hand, because you are not like everyone else and have had to find your own way, you have so much to give to others, just from communicating your experience. It takes courage, and I think you’ve shown you have it.

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