I’m talking about your full potential…

I was recently interviewed by James Rick, founder of the Full Potential Show, on what it takes to be psychic.

James posted the interview on his site today. In the 25 minute interview, I talk about how I began as a psychic, what my training was like, and what advice I have to offer to others who might like to follow this path. I also give a few pointers on how to get in touch with your body so that you can access the abilities you have within you already.

Please go and check it out, and leave a comment if you can. I can promise you a fun and energetic interview to watch, and thanks for doing so.

Here is the link to the interview: Kris Cahill on the Full Potential Show.

Here is the link to InVision, the school I trained and taught at, located in Chicago. If you are looking for a great clairvoyant training, InVision has the best I know of.


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