The work you do on you, helps you to do your work

The time you spend giving to and healing yourself, is time well invested.

You can’t keep giving and expect to have a bottomless well of energy, if you don’t ever put anything back. This is a common problem among people of all kinds, but especially for people who are very busy, responsible, or overworked.

Your body may put up with being run like this for a while, but if this becomes the norm for you, and you forget to listen to your body’s wisdom, it will find ways to make you listen. A lot of people try to operate their bodies from outside of themselves, ordering the body around, ignoring its pleas for more rest, better food, exercise. They make the body wrong, not capable of intelligence, as if it were a bad child having a tantrum. This is kind of like standing outside of your body pointing a remote at it, trying to get it to jump through hoops.

Part of the problem is the pictures many people have of their own body’s capabilities, which are passed down to them from family, culture, and society. Depending on which family and culture you are from, you will have a certain attitude about your body that may be validating or not. In one group you might feel too tall, in another too short. The same goes for weight, color of skin, hair, eye color, etc.

In our 21st century western society, for example, there is a lot of body judgment and competition. This doesn’t have to be a problem for you, unless you decide you can’t love your own body because it doesn’t match the current body fashion. If you have a body invalidation, for any reason, nobody can solve this one for you, except yourself.

If, on the other hand, you decide to tackle this one head on and love yourself completely, imperfections and all, you become a far more attractive energy than the person who is needing to constantly be perfect. By accepting yourself and loving who you are, you become healing to be around. Others will be attracted to your beautiful attitude.

By spending quality time getting to know and love yourself, to truly be your greatest friend, you can heal yourself. You will know when you need to move forward, and when you need to rest. You will more easily give your body the rest and respect it needs.

None of us is perfect, thankfully. Can you imagine how boring that would be? You’d never get any rest! If you became perfect, your full time job would be to remain that way. There would be no room to simply be, to rest, to make mistakes or a mess, to walk along aimlessly, not knowing or even caring what you needed to do next, free from having to know it all.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved. ~
‘Makeover’ ©Patrick Q

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