Do you get to play fun games?

Grownups can get very serious about the games they are playing and forget that they are playing games.

Many of the consequences of the games themselves are serious, and sometimes one can forget to have fun while playing.

Games are not bad or good, they’re just games. Everything you play at is a game of some kind, with some being more fun to play than others. We make agreements to play in some of them, whether they’re fun or not. ‘Tax time’ is not necessarily a fun game for most of us, but it is a game we are in agreement to play every year. We accept it, and try to play the game better next year, or congratulate ourselves on how well we did this year. On April 16, we move on to the next game.

If the games you play in are your own, chances are they are a lot more fun, and you can even win at them from time to time. It’s not as much fun to play games you can never win – those might not be your games to begin with. For example, if you find yourself repeating uncomfortable situations, like getting into the same kinds of relationships over and over that don’t work for you, you may be caught in someone else’s game.

People like to recreate history, reliving scenes from the past. Anyone who’s ever been to a Renaissance Fair, jousting tournament, Medieval Fair, or a Civil War reenactment, and played along by dressing the part, down to the language used, becoming part of that history, is also playing a game. This can be a fun way to make that time real again, but it’s still a game to play.

Others recreate history by reliving, over and over, the parts of their own history they no longer want to play. Like a broken record, sometimes the past keeps resurfacing, even when one wants to bury it completely and move on. This is not a fun game to play, but there is a reason why you might choose to do so. You may be trying to become aware of and senior to the energies that want to keep you stuck in that past. You may be stuck in a game you cannot win.

One way to step out of this old way of doing things, is to begin the process of knowing and healing yourself. If you make the games you want to play the most important games on the table, you can begin to create in ways you might not have been able to imagine until now.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  ~
‘Grownups Are Obselete’ ESP

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