Value yourself and others will follow

What if your value is actually based on how you feel about yourself?

Do you have value because others said so, or because you did? By valuing who you are, you actually teach others that you have value. It sounds like a simple thing to do, doesn’t it?

You might have been thinking it works the other way, and have been trying to find your value Out There, rather than within. Perhaps you’ve been depending on others to tell you what you’re worth, or you’ve judged your value based on how you think you compare to others. Maybe you’ve measured your own worth by how much you get paid, what you have, how your body looks, or who you know.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” may get you far in certain situations. But it won’t matter who you know, if you don’t know yourself. If you are familiar with yourself, and love what you know about you, your energy will be attractive to be around. If you’re running at the vibration of validation, you’ll also more easily attract people who want to validate you. It’s as if you are saying to them, ‘this is how I want to be treated’.

Your relationship with yourself is the key relationship in your life. Do you take the time to get to know yourself? Do you know what you truly love, and what you really want? Is it okay to just be you, even if others don’t get you, or are critical of who you are? Are you kind to yourself, kind to your body, or do you constantly criticize and find fault with you?

You don’t need to be better, or to fix anything. You might find it helpful to take a step back and notice what kinds of messages you are giving to yourself. By choosing to listen to yourself, you can begin to realize your own value.

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2 thoughts on “Value yourself and others will follow

  1. It’s funny I was just reading a bit about Muhammad Alli and he was sayng much the same, more as it related to his confidence in the ring but a strong relationship to how we project ourselves to other people and how it pertains to how people treat us in general.

    • Muhammad Ali intuitively knew how to have his value be seen. He knew if he didn’t know his own value, it wouldn’t be seen. ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’ was a brilliant phrase, and he created it as kind of a calling card. How much does a team’s win depend on the energy, spirit, confidence, of the players? That is so for each of us.

      Value is a key concept right now, is how it looks to me. People are finding that real value doesn’t come from how much money and stuff they have, but how they feel about themselves. The earth has value to each of us too, and it hurts to see it being destroyed for the false value of profit.

      Thank you for reading, lowercaseking.

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