Shine you shining star

Many people unconsciously think negative things will happen to them if they are seen, famous, or even visible.

As much as people say they want to be successful, often the level of success each can have is dependent on how safe each one feels. This is something to consider while creating one’s business plan! How much attention can you really handle? Are you safe enough to succeed the way you want to? How do you create a safe space for yourself?

The energy of safety is a big deal. Grounding yourself makes it possible for you to become safer, and to protect yourself energetically so that you can be seen. Everything starts from grounding; it is the miracle that allows you to manifest, make things real, release energy, protect yourself, turn your abilities on.

One way to find your grounding is to become aware of and begin listening to, your body. Have you been unconscious of its needs, impatient with it, angry because it’s in pain? Have you been pushing your body to be all it can be, meanwhile ignoring its pitiful cries of “stop!”?

In order to have what you want, you will need your body to come along. If you continue to ignore your body, it will find ways of making you stop and listen. Meditation is a great way to improve the communication between you the body, and you the spirit. Learning to communicate with yourself is the benefit of this practice. You might think of meditation as opening and even repairing the lines of communication within yourself.

Many people I give readings to are looking for the same thing: permission to be seen, to shine. And to shine being who they are, doing what they want to do. Some of them even want to become a star.

How about being the star of your own life?

A book that illustrates this theme so beautifully is Undercover”, by Beth Kephart. The heroine narrates the story, which follows her adventures as she is pursued by a number of young men in her high school, not because they want to romance her, but because she can write the magical verses that win for them the young women they are romancing. She is the school’s Cyrano, at the expense of her own happiness. There is the point in the story where she decides to have more:

But the greatest tragedy of all is letting invisibility win. It’s choosing to give up the thing you want because you think you don’t deserve it. ~from ‘Undercover’, Beth Kephart

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Kermit’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr



2 thoughts on “Shine you shining star

  1. I love Kermitt the Frog! And, yeah, I do tend to get angry when my body isn’t performing as well as I want it to. I think everyone is guilty of that sometimes.

    • It’s nice to remember that it’s not your body’s fault, and that it’s not wrong or bad. It’s trying to tell you something important. Listening clears up the confusion and pain.

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