You can’t feed your spirit on empty calories

When you are on a healing path, and especially a self healing path, it’s wise to become more aware of how the food you eat, affects you.

Every step along your spiritual path, your body will need the proper nutrition. If you are listening to it and respecting what your body wants and needs, you are healing yourself. It becomes easier to make your growth real if your body can come along with you.

Nutrition is an important part of that path. You will need different kinds of food as you grow spiritually. This growth takes a lot of energy, energy you would be wise to consciously put back. For example, it is difficult to ground yourself if you exist on a diet of sugar, white flour, and caffeine.

If you doubt your body’s innate wisdom about what it needs, you will listen to outside influences and experts rather than listening to your own body. You can also choose to be unconscious rather than bother to learn what your body really needs to fuel itself with, or what that stuff is that you are putting into your mouth.

‘The personal is political’ is a phrase made famous by the feminist movement of the 1970’s in the United States. An updated version of this phrase would add “is spiritual”. As you become more aware spiritually, and choose differently in a conscious manner, your choices affect every part of the culture, to the politics and also to how and what is being done to the food supply.

This kind of awareness is in short supply now in the U.S., due to the widespread acceptance of factory farming. As you become more conscious and understand what you are eating and what it does to you, and to the environment you live in, you will want healthier cleaner food. You will value having that kind of food supply. As more people value it and begin to demand it, changes will be made. You have a lot of power, simply by becoming conscious.

Beginning now, you can become more aware of how your body is affected by food you are putting into your mouth. Let go of all the judgments, the experts, the studies, and especially whether the FDA says your food is healthy or not. Learn more about how your body is affected by the energy of food, by learning to listen to it.

If you would like to learn more about the food supply and what is being done to it and about it, here are a couple of resources for you. There are many more out there, and more is being written about this topic all the time. Perhaps you’d like to add your awareness, and with it your voice, to this discussion.

‘Death By Supermarket’ by Nancy Deville

‘Food Matters’

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‘Bamn!’ ©Daquella manera on Flickr


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