Are you having what you came to have?

Can you have for yourself the beauty, wealth, health, happiness, freedom, and love that exist in endless quantities in this Universe?

Can you trust in something you may not even have yet and perhaps can’t see, but know in your heart is possible?

Or do you control the number of gifts you accept, saying to yourself, ‘that’s enough now, I shouldn’t have more, I don’t want to be greedy.’.

Perhaps you were raised to believe that if you had too much, you would be seen as a bad person, unable to communicate with spirit, punished for your excesses. So you put a limit on how much you are able to have. Maybe you feel unworthy, or that you didn’t earn it. Perhaps guilt is the issue; with so much suffering on earth, and so many in want, why should you have more than another person has? You may end up controlling the flow of what you are able to accept.

Maybe the others in your group can’t have, and are in judgment of anyone who does. Not wishing to upset the group, you limit your ability to have, so that you don’t put any of them in pain. Maybe you’re waiting for someone else to decide to step up and have, and until that person does this, you hold yourself back.

Do you believe the lies that say that there is a limited supply? Perhaps you think it’s unfair, and that you can’t compete with those who will do anything to gain power and wealth, and don’t care about others in their thirst for gain. Sitting in anger at those who are behaving unconsciously, it can be difficult to remember that you have great power to change your own reality, and that’s about all you have control over. If you continue to use your energy to judge how others are using their energy, you won’t have any left to create what you came here to do.

Each flower in a field isn’t worried that the other flowers will soak up all the sun, leaving them with none. Each one trusts that there is enough to go around, and that there is no need to compete for sun or rain or bees. Each does the job it came here to do, which is to be a flower.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Soak Up The Sun’ ©Laser Guided on Flickr

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2 thoughts on “Are you having what you came to have?

  1. I love this article. I read it, nodding my head at the many agreements that I have been in and nodded more at being very glad I have opted out of many of them. The flowers in a field analogy is beautiful!

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