The making of a psychic

I am often asked, how did I first know I was psychic? How did I become a psychic? Was I born that way? The short answer is: yes, and you were too.

Since I was very small, I was aware of energy, though I didn’t think this was unusual. I accepted it as normal, and how things are, just as many kids do. I could feel energies from other people, and often took their energy on as my own. I could walk into a room and know what everyone in there needed and how I could heal or help them. I became responsible, and tried to heal everyone’s pain.

In 4th grade, while sitting in my Catholic school classroom, I suddenly knew that I was being lied to. I knew that this religion wasn’t my answer, and so I began looking for what was. The neighborhood I grew up in wasn’t conducive to the idea of having a career as a psychic, or thinking outside of the box in any way. This was just at the end of the 1960’s, and change was only beginning to happen. In my neighborhood, ‘psychic’ simply wasn’t an option, and it also wasn’t anything I even thought of doing. But I’d walk over to the drugstore and read all the horoscope magazines they had, which was as close as I could get. I’d also read books on astrology I borrowed from the library, and look for my answers in them.

It wasn’t until I’d nearly reached 30 that I began to wake up to a different way of looking at life and what is ‘real’. I was still looking for my answers, still wondering what else there was. I became interested in natural ways of healing, in herbs, nutrition, and energy. I had my first psychic reading around then, and began to look at things differently. Still, nobody ever told me I was psychic and that I could learn to use my abilities to create my own life.

I knew, somehow, that I could learn to heal myself, and that there was an answer outside of the western medical model I was raised in. My intuition kept driving me to keep looking. I changed my diet, began taking supplements and herbs, and other things that I hoped would provide me with my answers.

It wasn’t until years later that I found a meditation class and learned how to ground myself. This was a mind blowing experience! After years of grounding everyone else and healing them with my energy, I could now have grounding for myself anytime I chose to do so. I was safe enough to let go of all of that energy I’d been saddling myself with.

The energy I’d taken on was making me sick, literally. I always had the latest cold or bug going around, and my energy levels weren’t as good as they’d been when I was younger. After learning how to ground myself, and that maybe it wasn’t my job to sponge everyone’s pain up, I began to notice a marked difference in how my own energy was feeling.

After completing a six week Psychic Meditation Class, which is the very class I regularly teach now, I joined the clairvoyant training at a school in Chicago now known as InVision. The information and techniques I learned in this training validated my own abilities, which were there the whole time, just waiting to be discovered. More importantly, I learned how to heal myself at a deep level, and to safely let go of many of the blocks in my way. I learned how to see myself more clearly, which is the greatest use of clairvoyance.

Today, many years after graduating from clairvoyant training, I work full time as a psychic reader, healer, teacher, speaker, and writer. I am still an artist, but stepped away from my art career in order to fully commit myself to this path. In doing so, I discovered how much I like to write, and am presently working on my first book.

What made all the difference for me was being told that I am psychic, and that I could learn to use my abilities so that they would work for me. As a teacher, I constantly see people who are finding more of themselves, healing themselves, and clearing out blocks that have stopped them from having their own lives. Once they have become more conscious of their own energy, they want more of it. Grounding is a great first step onto this path.

For each of us, there is a different answer, because we are each unique. Each one needs to find his or her path. It helps to get some tools to assist you in your own search. Grounding is one of the best tools I know of in that search. I teach grounding, and I write about it frequently. For more about this technique, see my posts on Meditation.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Nature’s Pearls’ ©^riza^ on Flickr

4 thoughts on “The making of a psychic

  1. Your journey of becoming a psychic is interesting. I agree with Kris here some people just try to make their own point without giving anyone a chance to put their viewpoint over the issue. Here the person in question is just one of them. I liked your posts and way of living.

    • Thank you, Meryem. I appreciate your comment. It’s true that we all have a different way of experiencing the world and our abilities, so how valuable is it that there are so many of us to learn from? I learn from everyone I meet.

      Some people are frightened of their own abilities, or were as children. I have a very good friend whose young son does see a lot of ‘ghosts’ and hear voices. They frighten him sometimes and also get in his way. I teach him ways to have his space with them, and also to kick them out of his way. It helps him enormously.

      People who are this sensitive are often labeled as ‘crazy’, and this is terribly wrong of us to do this. We are living in a time when it’s more important and acceptable to look beyond what has been accepted as being real. I’m so excited about that!

  2. we have a very similar, almost matching story
    it’s just that I decided to become a psychic at 24
    I was already “spiritual” and using my abilities (doing channeling)
    it was in 2009 that I made the decision
    it was so freeing 🙂
    I also went to an art school, loved drawing and painting!
    But became a pianist / composer instead . . .
    now I’m dedicated to being a psychic
    but still love to compose — music for healing
    thank u so much for ur wonderful blog,
    I’m loving reading everything

    lots of love & blessings to u

    • Janno, thank you so much for showing up and reading my words, as well as leaving your comments. It’s always nice to meet someone else with a matching story! There are many others out there with a similar tale to tell – I meet them all the time in my classes and readings. We help each other to step up when we do so ourselves. Peace and Love to you! Kris

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