Reinvention, rest, and new creations

I’ve needed some time away to regroup, rest, think, and heal. After going gang-busters all year, (since my last publicly declared reinvention in January), I’m now working on the next phase of what’s coming.

My body cooperated by coming down with a nasty bug this week and forcing me to rest. I needed to take time off to heal myself. While healing, I read a brilliant book that I hope will be read by millions of you too, ‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin. Reading Seth’s book reminded me of the everyday psychics that exist, whether or not they call themselves ‘psychic’. This blog is called ‘Psychic Everyday’ for a very good reason. After all, you are one too, and so is anyone who wants to be. So is Seth Godin, though he may not ever call himself that.

I speak to and write about this topic frequently. One of my writing and blogging goals is to help others see that they do have natural abilities outside of what they were told are okay to have, and that they can use these abilities to create their lives to be more of what they want. I would also like to contribute to the reprogramming of the word ‘psychic’. This word is so often misunderstood and misused.

To that end, I’ll be posting a weekly article here under the category, ‘Everyday Psychic’. I’ll feature a different everyday psychic each week, tell who they are, what they do, and how I see them being psychic in the world. I will feature both the famous and the not so well known. Writers, filmmakers, healers, musicians, performers, artists, world leaders, spiritual teachers, environmental workers, bloggers, and so on. On occasion I will do an interview with someone.

Here’s where you can help: send me your suggestions. I’d love them. Who do you see in the world using their psychic abilities, and who would you like me to write about? I may not be able to get to every suggestion, but I will do my best. I’m not looking for the obvious here, as in actual psychics, though I may throw a few of them in. I’ll open this up down the road and publish reader’s stories here as well. For example, ‘my second grade teacher was a great healer because she…’.

As for reinvention, I hope yours is coming along nicely. We are in the time of reinvention. Write yourself a big fat permission slip and invent away. You are the one who gets to become who you want to be, and only you can find the way. I hope the stories about other everyday psychics will help you to see yourself, and your own power.

Beginning tomorrow, the weekly Everyday Psychic begins with Seth Godin. I was reading his great book when I thought of this, so he gets to be first.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Angelo By the Pool’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr



4 thoughts on “Reinvention, rest, and new creations

  1. Very cool. I hadn’t thought of looking at other people as psychics and yet so many are! I am often amazed by my friends and the visions they will share from time to time! And am going to keep my eyes and ears wide open!

  2. Glen Hansard of the movie ‘ Once ‘ and the band ‘ Swell Season’

    I love this guy! In certain interviews he talks about as a waiter he learned learned how to work with the energy in present time and uses that as he performs. He’ll even stop everything after a song, drop his head and close his eyes saying nothing but listening and looking at the energy, then he’ll pop up and say ” this song will be perfect….” Love it! I love how he doesn’t hid it but uses it natural as a part of him. It’s just everyday being.

    Love love love this guy.

    Here’s a great interview:,35186/

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