Taking a step towards growth

A step towards growth can also be seen as a step towards permission. If you have been waiting for permission from an outside force, now is the time to decide you are the force within.

Only you can give yourself permission. Otherwise you are giving yourself an excuse.

Wanting to grow can give you the energy and enthusiasm you need to accept new ways of being into your life. It’s time for new influences. Step out of the tried and true, step away from the path you’ve beaten through your daily life. Do something to stretch your own edges. Get away from the norm.

A step towards your own growth is exciting and joyful. You may not even know exactly how you want to go about doing this, just that it’s time. You may call it a step towards being happy, or having your success. You may even call it taking a step away from being stuck, or feeling stagnant, or sitting in invalidation.

Any way you define it, new growth is all about you, and it’s up to you. It’s helpful to welcome it into your life. It’s even more useful to be aware and conscious about what kind of growth you would like to have. You can also decide to have happy, joyful, effortless growth. Once you get started, you never know how far you can go. So begin!

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