Be yourself, effortlessly

If you’re trying to be someone or something other than who you are, you may be spending a whole lot of energy doing so. It takes extra energy to pretend to be other than yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with people and situations that require you to pretend, or to hide your true self.

One of the magical things about movies and Hollywood is that people have a lot of permission to pretend to be who they want to be, and that’s a great thing. It’s good, however, to remember who you actually If you’ve been playing at who you are not, and it’s not fun, you’re wasting energy lying about who you really are. If you’re invalidated about yourself, or think others will not accept you, it might be the time to own up and be you, completely. Only you can do this.

It may have been convenient for others that you weren’t being completely you, and you complied. Hoping to coast along, you didn’t rock the boat. Only it’s not exactly working out for you if you’re not getting what it is you want, is it?

Imagine the joy and peace of mind you would feel upon waking each day, knowing you could spend all of your day ahead being who you truly are. And that you don’t have to defend yourself, or adjust to anyone else in order to get along in the world.

Another word for this is seniority. This means that you are the most important energy inside of your own space. Other agendas aren’t as important as your own is, inside of you.

Every day is another chance to decide that it’s worth it, just to be who you already are. Sometimes you may need to do a little digging to remember what that is. Sometimes you realize that you’ve moved past an old way of doing things and it’s time to reinvent.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Underwater Dance’ ©Mark Mawson

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