Brenda Ueland was an everyday psychic

Brenda Ueland, born in 1891 in Minnesota, was a journalist, teacher, and author of three nonfiction books. Her most well known book, If You Want To Write, is one of the many reasons why I chose her as today’s Everyday Psychic.

Brenda Ueland is someone you should know about. She was an original American free thinker, which means she wasn’t afraid to think for herself. It’s funny how people were frightened of those labeled as ‘free thinkers’, as if they were un-American for looking, thinking, deciding, and choosing for themselves. Rather than follow the popular and socially accepted ways of doing things, Ueland looked for herself, and became an independent and inspiring person as a result.

Back in Ueland’s day, people were just as afraid of standing out from the group as they are now, just as afraid of being ostracized from the group as now. She was ahead of her time for continuing to do her work, in her own way, living in her own truth. She wasn’t afraid of being thrown out of the group she came from, because wherever she went she found her group.

Often people, then as now, are afraid of being a disappointment to their own group, of being seen as being disloyal or a threat to the status quo. Brenda Ueland created a new way of thinking and being, simply by being true to her own vision and knowing. She was, and continues to be, a great healing force. From the first time I read her words over twenty years ago, nearly 50 years after she first wrote them, I knew her to be a healer of the first degree.

If You Want To Write begins with these words: “This is what I have learned: that everybody is talented, original and has something important to say.” Brenda Ueland validated the talent and ability of many people who had never had this done for them before, who thought they had nothing of value to tell. By doing so, she gave a great gift to the world, as well as to each of those she touched.

A person whose story and abilities have been validated is able to go on and do this for another person, and so the cycle of healing continues. Everything changes as a result. Though I didn’t even know of her until after her death, I am one of those beings whose life was touched by Brenda Ueland, and I am forever grateful.

‘The Everyday Psychic’ ©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

What or who is an Everyday Psychic? Being psychic means being sensitive to and aware of energy. This is a human, spiritual, ability that occurs within each of us in different ways and at various levels. Anyone who is using, expressing, and validating their own natural spiritual abilities, is an everyday psychic. You are one, and so is your friend, and also that guy you work with. You can use your abilities to create yourself and your life. Hey!  ~
‘Brenda Ueland’ Image from Southwest Journal



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