I see peaceful people

It’s really much simpler than many people can imagine. This is also why it is so difficult.

If you want to see peace on this earth, in your city, and in your lifetime, create peace within yourself, and carry it with you wherever you go.

By your example, others will see that they can do this too. You bring them the gift of peace. You become an inspiration for this healing because of your own commitment to healing from all the wars that rage constantly on this planet.

There are many more wars in existence than we each are aware of, and there are countless wars raging within each of us. By creating cease fire zones and ending all hostilities within, we become beacons of peace. If enough people are vibrating at the energy of love, forgiveness, and peace, it is possible to make peace the reality, just as war is now.

If you decide that people are inherently peaceful, and capable of choosing love, compassion, and kindness, you will find those people who do. If you decide to trust that others will give their best, you can freely show them yours, without judgment or fear. You will attract those who can have this way of being, and others will match to your example. You’ve created a win-win situation.

Many people working together for peace are quite a powerful force, but even one will do. Don’t ever hold yourself back or think you alone are not enough to create the kind of change you want to see. If you can see it, you can create it. Just begin now, and remember to start at square one: within yourself.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com

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4 thoughts on “I see peaceful people

  1. Hi Chris. I recently found your blog, what a nice departure. I have finally followed that tiny voice inside and started to create a voice to share from within. While I think I may be eventually working towards healing beyond words, I try daily to keep up my end of the bargain. I count each day as a blessing, knowing so many have much less. Thank you for your voice.

    • Thanks for reading, Eric. Isn’t it wonderful to create healing within? We each have so much more power to do this than we often know. I am certain this is the way forward, and the way to have a happier world. Much peace and healing to you!

  2. It’s like Ghandi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” How simple and how true and how oh so hard it is to do. But thank you for reminding us that peace is totally within our power.

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