Who do you blame?

When things go wrong, or don’t work out how they are supposed to, the first thing many people do is look for someone to blame. Someone must be at fault, somebody did it, someone is responsible for all of this, and they must pay!

It’s true that problems, catastrophes, and so on often do occur because of poor planning, apathy, lack of good management, laziness, greed, hatred, misplaced priorities, and misunderstandings. It’s rarely true that only one person is to blame for any of this. We’ve all played a part, for example, in the creation of global warming, wars, oil spills, and the current economic distress, to name but a few of the many big problems on the planet today.

Here are some of the culprits that get blamed when things hit the fan: the government, Democrats, Republicans, crackpot political parties, corporations, Mommy, Daddy, the boss, the economy, your ex, teachers, other cultures, other religions, the rich, the poor, family members, the liberal media, the right wing media, and so on and on and on and on…..

Anyone who is over the age of 18 and still blaming mommy and/or daddy for everything that goes wrong in their life, is missing the point of becoming a grown-up. Once you reach adulthood, at least numerically, you can no longer blame others for your woes. If you still do this, it is time to actually grow up, or you will not be able to create what you want in life.

Other authorities can stand in nicely for mommy and daddy, but if you are giving them authority and power over you, you are still weaseling out of taking responsibility for yourself, thereby missing out on great opportunities to grow. Of course, if all you want to do is demonize others, thereby giving them a whole lot of power they don’t have to begin with, so that you have a great excuse to not do what you are here for, great! You are on the right track. Keep on keeping on.

Here’s an idea – instead of blaming “them”, why not use the challenges presented to you? You can decide to not give your power up to others by making them responsible for what you are able to have or not have in your life. You can use this opportunity to become excellent, within yourself and in your life.

If you have been truly hurt, lied to, or victimized in some way, it is your responsibility to do what it is you need to do, in order to heal yourself. Placing blame outside of yourself will not help you to heal. It will only put your energy out of your reach, energy you need right now in order to heal yourself. This is your priority.

Some of the tools that will help you along are already available to you, and are free to use: love, forgiveness, and a deep desire to be in your truth. If you can see others around you as also being challenged in their lives, and allow them compassion and understanding, you may find gratitude for the gifts they have given to you.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011  All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘Make Love, Not War’ ©Tony the Misfit on Flickr

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