Resistance is futile

Resistance as a spiritual energy doesn’t work very well.

Rather than go away and/or drop out of sight, the thing or person you are resisting looms larger, sometimes seeming to taunt you with its, or his/her, presence.

Do you remember ‘Pepe le Pew’, the amorous skunk who loved the ladies? Unfortunately, none of them loved him because of his malodorous scent, but they each were in complete resistance to his advances. Their resistance did not deter Pepe! It only fed his fire.

What about you, who are you in resistance to these days? How about that workmate you try to avoid, the one who rubs you the wrong way, and seems to show up everywhere. Weren’t the two of you assigned to work on a project together last month? How’d it go?

You don’t care for cats, and are allergic to them too. So why are they so attracted to you, even in the midst of more obvious cat lovers? Try resisting a cat and see where it gets you…

One thing you can’t stand is sitting near children on a long plane flight. So why do they always seem to be seated near you?

All you want is for everything to calm down, and for all of this constant change to just slow down for a bit. Is that too much to ask? As soon as you decide you are taking a vacation from all of it, it seems to triple – overnight! Suddenly you have so much more change right at your feet. What gives?

You would much rather take orders from a man than a woman, because you’ve always had issues with strong women. Isn’t it funny that all of your bosses have been women, really bossy ones?

You blame rich people for many of the world’s problems, and have a superior attitude about people who get everything they want. So why is it that you keep getting hired to work for people who seem to live a trouble free life filled with prosperity?

All you ever wanted was to enjoy a peaceful existence, filled with people who treat you and each other well. However, you haven’t wanted to have to stick up for yourself in the process of achieving this goal. So why is it that you keep attracting nasty people who have no thought of playing fair?

‘What you resist, you become’ has such a ring of truth to it. The funniest example I can think of is when two people are in such resistance to each other that they match. Everyone can see how similar they are, except them.

Releasing resistance isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it can be done. Letting go, forgiving, not taking things personally, becoming more conscious, sticking up for yourself, and stepping away from the problem rather than directly into it, all help in clearing out sticky situations.

Your biggest ally by far in letting go of resistance, is amusement. Begin by laughing at your own resistance. A great big belly laugh will help set you free!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘The shit that adults feed into kids brains – a tribute’ ©Ibraham Lujaz

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