Conscious optimism

Consciousness is the state of being aware. More and more people are choosing to become conscious right now, many of them believing that ‘the truth will set you free’ has a ring of truth to it.

Becoming conscious isn’t always easy, since one may learn things that are difficult and painful. If you don’t want to know something, you won’t. Knowing isn’t always the most comfortable thing, since once you become aware of a truth, it’s hard to go back to a place of blissful unawareness. The state of happy unconsciousness is what is referred to by the phrase: ‘what you don’t know, won’t hurt you’. Having too much information is often seen as a burden. The person who knows what’s really going on beneath the surface can sometimes suffer under the burden of that information.

Children aren’t expected to understand or know about difficult or terrible things, yet they do. When nobody will tell them the truth about what’s going on, they make it up, often taking responsibility for the problems they didn’t cause. This energy manifests in many ways: patterns of behavior, illness, depression, an inability to relax, over-responsibility. By becoming conscious as adults, they can let go of what it is they took on in childhood, and heal themselves.

Maintaining one’s own ability to see the world’s beauty while conscious, without descending into cynicism, is another part of the choice here. Seeing what is, accepting it, forgiving, and moving on to create another kind of positive energy in the world, is the most optimistic form of consciousness there is.

Optimism is a political act. Those who benefit from the status quo are perfectly happy for us to think nothing is going to get any better. In fact, these days cynicism is obedience. – Alex Steffen,

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Photo: Mark Mawson

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2 thoughts on “Conscious optimism

    • Sometimes it’s difficult to just get through all of the lies one has been living in, especially the lies that say what is and isn’t possible to create and achieve. Though some of those lies are damaging and stunting, if we’ve had energy invested in them, it can feel like a small death to destroy the lies.

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