What will you do to make peace on Peace Day?

This man is Jeremy Gilley, visionary and documentary filmmaker, who founded the group Peace One Day, in order to promote International Peace Day. Peace Day was recognized by the United Nations as a global cease fire day in 2001, and is celebrated every September 21st, making today a day of peace and global cease fire.

Jeremy Gilley set out to make a film about the global effects of having a day of peace, only to find out there wasn’t one already recognized by the world community. Through his commitment to seeing peace begin to happen in his lifetime, he became involved in the movement to further the cause of peace. If you go to his website, Peace One Day, you can watch a short film in which Jeremy interviews world leaders including Kofi Annan, the Dalai Lama, Mary Robinson, and John Battle, among others. The film is quite inspiring, as is the man.

Besides the film, there are concerts happening around the world right now, and Peace Walls that have been constructed in a number of cities, including the one I live in, Los Angeles. The Peace One Day organization has created educational materials that are being used to educate people the world over, especially children, about peace.

As Jeremy says in the film, we are only just beginning, and each of us can contribute to this day, in many ways. If every person even just pauses long enough to say hello to the possibility of peace in our lives, we can go very far in the creation of peace on earth.

Peace is energy, an energy that comes from within each of us. Living at peace with yourself, your body, your choices, struggles, and relationships, though they are not perfect, is not always easy. It is, however, a choice. So how about it, on this day recognized around the world as a cease fire day, cessation of all hostilities for 24 hours – can you create a cease fire zone within yourself?

Perhaps we needed to get to the very edge we are walking along now, as human beings on earth, to wake up to the fact that we can, and do choose. It is obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that many of the choices we have made are no longer working. It’s time to wake up, become conscious about how much we each contribute to what’s happening here, and choose.

You can choose Peace today.

©Kris Cahill 2010

http://PsychicEveryday.com / www.KrisCahill.com
Photo: Peace One Day

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