Your self image lets others know how to see you

If you see yourself as an energetic, smart, happy person, capable of great things, you are giving the rest of the world the permission to see you that way too. They will be able to see what you already know and see about yourself.

If you see yourself as a pathetic victim, without power, others will oblige you by reflecting this back to you. You may become more victimized or even powerless, as a result. You have forgotten about your power, and may need to experience this in order to remember that you are powerful to begin with.

If you see your value as being defined by how you take care of others, in other words, as coming from outside of you, it may be hard to know it for yourself from within. If others get to vote on how much value you have, or if you allow the current economy to do it, you are once again giving away your power. Your self image is that it’s not up to you. This is another way to be a victim, and it’s very hard to create what you want with this self image.

If you decide to get to know yourself better, and to learn to love and accept who you already are, you will not allow any other energies to get in the way of that. You will begin making choices that will lead in the direction of growth, and a healthy self image.

You are placing yourself in a space of grace, non-effort, when you allow yourself to become who you really are. As you walk on this path, others will show up simply because they are attracted to your positive energy. Some of them will become your friends, some of them will assist you. You change what you can have when you change from within.

Remember that your path hasn’t been created yet, because you are still walking it. If you are following the crowd, you may not be doing your own thing. The crowd will always be there, and much more likely to applaud you when you find the courage to discover yourself. You become a gift to the world when you do this.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Looking Skywards’ ©Aussiegall

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6 thoughts on “Your self image lets others know how to see you

  1. thanks for sharing those motivational lines. I cannot but agree : the more you know yourself, the better. Let there be light inside ! Do not resist your inner person.

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