Are you using your imagination?

Children have a very important job. By spending long hours in their imaginations, making up fantastic characters, worlds and creating all kinds of never-before-heard-of scenarios, children create through the art of play.

If a child is given toys that allow her to make it up as she goes along, so much the better. Whole worlds have been constructed with the sticks, stones, and mud he found in the backyard. A neighbor’s garden becomes a fairyland, and a tree that looks scary at night is haunted. Children don’t need a lot of stuff to create, just some unscheduled time, space, and their imaginations will do.

Isn’t that how life itself works – you get to make it up as you go along? How boring it would be to have it all laid out for you, in advance. No creativity, no problems to solve for yourself, no way to get validated by growing stronger and more capable. There is really nothing much more boring than trying to live a pre-fab life. Anyone who’s ever known their high school career counselor was wrong can be validated by what’s happening now.

Career counselors! What about following your own heart? What about what you love?

This is one reason we are going through so much destruction now. For generations we have bought the lie that we could be safe by trying to control every detail of life. Experts have stood in for our own intuition, as we gave up space to their information and statistics. Profits and politics still rule over common sense and compassion. We may have consulted our bodies last of all, another reason why we’re seeing such a high level of degenerative disease in the 21st century.

Bored children create trouble for a reason. They are not getting validated for their abilities. Bored adults often create drama and problems too. It’s time to go deeper as human beings, to live more completely. It can actually become less complicated, not more. Boredom and busyness complicate matters. Bored people make big messes.

Imagination can be messy too, and I mean that in a good way. If you are imagining how you want to be, or what you want to have in your life, it can be a bit messy getting there. You may have a few things to set aside as you move towards your true goals. It’s time to use your imagination in a big way!

©Kris Cahill /
‘Aqueous’ ©Mark Mawson

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