Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving

It’s time for another edition of Psychic Question Monday. Today’s question is inspired by an uncomfortable energy each of us has dealt with in our lives: Guilt.

I feel so guilty all of the time. How do I get over that? Where does that come from?

Guilt is an energy, and it can really put a damper on you enjoying your life. If you are swimming in a sea of guilt, and you aren’t actually guilty of committing heinous acts, such as flooding a beautiful ocean with toxic chemicals, or refusing to pass common sense legislation that will allow people to have health care as a human right, you may be handling some judgment about how you go about living your life and making your choices.

Guilt can control you in every way possible: what you are able to have, how much you can have, how successful you can be, how healthy, what you can say to others, whether you can enjoy the life you’ve created – can all be determined by whether you feel it’s okay to have any of these things.

Guilt makes honest people into liars: I would have said how I really feel but I felt guilty for feeling that way. Does this sound familiar?

Guilt as an energy has no solution. It is a nagging control that wants to be solved, yet can’t be. The only real solution for guilt is to learn how to let it go.

You may be suffering from the effects of guilt if you: feel bad about having something someone else doesn’t, feel terrible because you are enjoying your life, or having success, and others are not. Some people close to you may just not be happy, and if you are, you may be handling judgment about that.

No matter how caring, concerned, talented, skillful, smart, or successful you are, you cannot solve the world’s problems and take away all of that pain. You can, however, learn to let it go. In doing so, you become an example to others.

It is up to each of us to learn to live more consciously. As you become more aware of your actual choices in life, you learn that some of them involve deciding to be happy, to heal yourself, and to become responsible for what it is you want in your life. You cannot make others feel and be the way you want them to, and you can’t do their work for them. You’ll just get in their way if you try.

By committing to your own healing, you become a healing for others. This is a wonderful cause for celebration!

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