The fine art of free will

The choice you make in any situation will depend on the choices you see before you.

Yes, you are free to choose what you want, but what’s actually on your menu?

Even not choosing, is a choice. Sometimes you might believe you have no choice because none of the available options you see appeal to you. But what about the choices you can’t see? What if you’ve limited what you can choose from because you judge what you can have? What if you limit what’s available because of what others say is possible?

One example is health, as in choosing to become healthy, and to heal yourself. Many people have forgotten that they have this power, and have given their free will entirely up to experts and information outside of themselves. They’ve forgotten how to listen to their own bodies and to give themselves what they need in order to heal. Your body’s internal wisdom isn’t validated this way – someone else becomes the expert of you, instead of you.  Then, oops!, if their choice for your healing doesn’t work, it’s on to the next expert.

Becoming conscious is opening up to and becoming aware of your own innate power, your own strength, your spiritual abilities. There are more choices available to us now than ever before – the trick is to find the true healing choices for yourself and let go of the rest. The playing field completely changes when one decides to do this.

If your own power wasn’t a choice before now, and if you’d eliminated your body’s wisdom as being valid, you weren’t working from a place of truth for yourself. Once you decide to move into yourself, to work from a different point of view, the choices change. What you are able to create for yourself changes as a result.

In order to have what you want, are you willing to make a choice that is outside of your comfort zone? Or will you decide that you can’t have what you want because you don’t want to make that choice?

©Kris Cahill /
‘Psychedelic Roses’ ©Wonderment

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4 thoughts on “The fine art of free will

  1. My mentor told me to write a large sign to myself: “What will you choose today, Amy?”
    It is on my bathroom sink which I see every morning. This is about a year old now. Each day I understand the meaning a little more. Thank you for all your guidance. 🙂

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