Everything happens in the present time

It isn’t happening yesterday, and it’s not tomorrow yet. What is happening is doing so now, in this moment.

Some event may have happened yesterday that is affecting this moment now. As a matter of fact, every event that happened yesterday does affect now. Every choice made, every word said, every thought, is having its effect on you in this moment. Whatever you chose: from the food you ate to the quality of sleep you had last night, to whether you’ve been able to let go of stress and worries, and so on.

You are reading this article now. While doing so, you may be thinking about what is going to happen 5 minutes from now, or have your energy still in an event from last year. The only time you can actually be reading is right now. In this moment, you are breathing, your heart is beating, your eyes are blinking. With no effort on your part whatsoever, your body is doing its thing, in present time.

Your body is always in the present. You the spirit have the capability to be in endless places at once. Your energy can be in your childhood, your present job, any of your past relationships, out in the future, on the astral plane, with a friend, to name a few.

The more of you that is able to be here in present time, with your body, the richer your experience. The more present you are, the more real things can be for you. When your spirit is in friendly communication with your body, it’s easier to create more of what you want, effortlessly.

Sometimes you might leave your energy somewhere else because you went through something difficult, and it hasn’t been safe to bring yourself back again. Or you might be so busy that you leave your energy everywhere, only stopping to collect yourself back again when you get sick, or because you are exhausted.

The only time in which you can create is now. In order to create anything, you need enough energy to do so. If your energy is stuck all over time, it’s not available for you. There are easier ways to stay in the present time, and here are a few of them.

  • Remember to speak kindly to your body. It has much valuable information for you. However, in order to access that information, you will need to have kind communication with yourself. If you make your body wrong, it will be difficult for you to be in it.
  • Meditation will help you to find yourself, become aware of your energy, and bring it back into present time, in a safe and validating way. Grounding yourself is especially helpful.
  • Forgiveness will help you safely pull your energy out of a past time situation in which you were hurt in some way. If you can forgive all parties involved, especially yourself, you’ll be more present now. This is a choice.
  • Let go of trying to solve anything that happened that you had no control over. This includes people. If you’re still solving and fixing, you won’t be here now, creating what you really want.
  • Give yourself time off to play. No matter what is happening in your life, make sure you get time for yourself. Give to your body, take yourself out for fun with friends, or by yourself. Drop the responsibility, let go of the demands.

Every moment brings another opportunity to become present. Every moment brings another choice with it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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4 thoughts on “Everything happens in the present time

  1. i am blown away. when the student is ready , the teacher appears. your writings are exactly what i am needing right now. straight forward and pure ! i’m grateful for your gift and how you share it.

  2. i enjoy your essays and your insights, which generally, parallel what i have learned. with regard to the 4th bullet in this essay,
    “Let go of trying to solve anything that happened that you had no control over. This includes people. If you’re still solving and fixing, you won’t be here now, creating what you really want.”
    , the Edgar Cayce readings talk about karma as not something that we have with another but what another shows us about how we interact with our self. And, therefore we shouldn’t try to change another but realize that we should change our self, e.g., i don’t get angry at someone but use that awareness to see why i am angry at myself and change that internal interaction in myself by creatively inspiring inner graceful growth. this process means that i am not judgmental toward your self, affect a root cause idea rather than a single instantiation of the idea and am able to be more conscious and creative. (i also think the word fix has a connotation of judgment.) what do you think?

    • Charles, I agree with you that trying to fix another is being in judgment of that person. The only person each of us has true control over, is ourselves. That’s a difficult thing for many to wrap their heads around, and in trying to stay safe, they control others. It takes a lot of energy to do this, and is a sign that someone is invalidated about being able to have or create what he or she wants. Control is one of the biggest issues many people grapple with. Becoming conscious to this energy helps one release it, it’s a choice. Thanks so much for reading.

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