The present time is real time

The November Challenge continues.

Everything is already  happening right now. This present moment is really where it’s at. All of the excitement that is available, can be felt right now. In fact, right now is the only place you can feel anything.

That’s because feeling is a present time activity. The senses of the body work in present time, because your body is always in present time. The phrases ‘I saw something yesterday’ and ‘I will hear something tomorrow’ describe the past or the future, and neither is happening right now. When it’s happening now, you have some influence over it, a choice.

Even if you’re waiting for a much anticipated event, it’s the present time anticipation that makes that event, when it finally arrives, so much sweeter. Since it is their job is to attract your attention point to their upcoming new releases, smart marketing geniuses already know this. Trailers for upcoming movies, the latest Apple launch, next season’s concert schedule, all want you putting your attention point on that future event.

Right now is when you have the power to say yes or no. In this moment, you can choose to read a book, watch a TV show, or do something else entirely. It is in the moment that you can decide to exercise, work, say something sweet, or start a fight. You can choose to be conscious, or not. Turn right or left, take a chance, make that call, say hello to your neighbor.

Being busy can take you out of the present moment. Constant busy-ness can make it difficult to be present, and is a handy excuse for not dealing with anyone in the present time, which is the only time you can actually deal with them. If you find yourself with too much to do, and ‘no time’ to do what you want to do, you are not in present time with yourself. Your energy may be scattered hither and yon, in countless places, but it isn’t with you now.

Your November Challenge for this week: become more conscious about where you are and what you are choosing, in the present moment. Just by saying this to yourself, you will notice a new consciousness within. Try it for yourself, and leave your comments here for others. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The present time is real time

  1. Hi Kris, Great Post! I’ve been so busy I’m just catching up with your November posts now, so I’m starting the November Challenge half a month late! I guess I’ll have to keep going till mid December…. Another great choice to remember you have in the present moment is whether to hold on to anger and annoyance or not hold onto it and let it pass away just as it arose. I’m reminded of a great image from a Japanese writer: that you should practice (ie do the work of being present) like your hair was on fire–I can’t image anyone not getting back to the present moment to put out that fire! “Wait, I’ll get to that fire as soon as I write one more email, get the kids breakfast going, and watch the news.” I don’t think so. Best, David

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