Being in the present time is a miracle

The November Challenge – Present Time, ended four days ago, on November 30. Here is a brief report of last month’s energy challenge, from your humble psychic blogger.

After years of doing so, I’ve learned that working consciously with energy has awesome power. Once I decided to work with Present Time for November, it seemed that everything I dealt with in November involved my getting more into the present time, now. Even without trying to do so!

Things that came more into present time for me in November included: old friendships; family dynamics; my office; several legal agreements; a few spiritual agreements; my wardrobe (always a pleasure to get into the present time!); and my blog. I didn’t post to my blog as often as I usually do, but there was a lot going on behind the scenes and I am confident December will be a more prolific writing month. November is also my birth month, and what better way to begin a new year? After all of this present-timing, I am left with a feeling of gratitude, newness, and more energy to work with.

What is being in the present time doing for you?

If you participated in this challenge, what was your experience? Please leave a comment here and share what you worked on in November, what changed, moved, or cleared for you. You might still be in the thick of moving old energies out of your way, clearing out the past, or getting your life into the present time.

Good luck to you with all of this! Remember, your body is always in the present time, but your spirit can be anywhere and everywhere. Bring your spirit into the present, and you can have the energy you want and need to create what you want, now.

Coming in December: The Peace Challenge.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012   All Rights Reserved  ~
‘Broken Landscapes’ ©Roberto Ivan Cano

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4 thoughts on “Being in the present time is a miracle

  1. I completely forgot about this challenge until you just mentioned it. But lots happened in November to get me present. One big thing is that I realized that NOW is later — i.e., I’m not saving anything for the future anymore, like good clothes…I am enjoying all the good things in life NOW. NOW is the time I’ve been waiting for, all my life. A lot of it also has had to do with my embracing the Italian concept of “fare la bella figura,” which means to put your best foot forward, to approach life with dignity and self respect, to make the most of what you’ve got, to be the person you’ve always wanted to be, right here, right now.

    • Connie, thanks for this beautiful thought. I love ‘fare la bella figura’, and plan to embrace it myself. How great for you that November was a big present timing too!

      A good friend of mine said something similar years ago. After living through a big earthquake, she began using her “good” china and glassware everyday, realizing how easily they all could have been lost in the quake. Before then, she kept them in a china cabinet, only bringing them out for special occasions. The present time means that every occasion is special!

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