Your hello can create peace on earth

You may not know how valuable your hello to another person can be. Simply by giving a hello from a place of non-judgment, you are in effect saying, “I see you”.

If the person you give this hello to can have it, something special has occurred, something no amount of money can buy, nobody else can interfere with, and no machine can ever duplicate. Something real and true, a healing of the spirit.

When you communicate, without judgment, to the spirit of another person, you’ve given the greatest gift possible. Some people are lonely or in pain, even in the midst of a crowd. The reason for their loneliness is simple: nobody has said hello to them. No one has really seen them. Either they have been hiding who they are, or they don’t fit in, or some other reason exists. Your simple ‘hello’ can perform miracles. It can help someone to remember who she or he really is.

It isn’t your responsibility to heal them, or to take on their problems as your own. Your hello will suffice. You can’t do for them what they need to do for themselves, but you can communicate, acknowledge their existence.

If you can also say hello to the possibility that peace can exist on this earth, then peace becomes more of a reality. That hello begins by you becoming more conscious of the energy you are carrying with you, every day. If you are mired in negative and unconscious energies, you are not carrying peace. If you are hauling around buckets of pain, sloshing them over the feet of everyone you meet, peace is not happening in your vicinity. If you are running at a constant vibration of irritation and anger, you have forgotten the true power of running at peace.

Again, it begins with a hello. Just that simply, you can become more conscious of what’s happening in your world. When you can see it more clearly, that makes it easier for others to even look at it. By seeing the possibility of peace, you help to make it a reality.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~
‘Flower Power Demonstrator’ – 1967 Pentagon War Protest

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2 thoughts on “Your hello can create peace on earth

  1. I am happy to see another psychic on line who understands that we do create our own peace of mind, and our responsible for our own actions. I would be interested in guest blogging for your site. If you are interested in the idea please check my blog and see my writing style.

    Anticipating your reply,
    Jackie Chin

    • Hi Jackie, thanks for reading and for your comment. At this point I’m not looking for guest bloggers, though I can see doing that down the road. However, if you are looking for guest bloggers, I’d be interested.

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