Is your own truth real?

Even when others can’t, or won’t, validate your truth, is it still real?

Do you need your truth to be understood and agreed to by others? Can you have knowing it for yourself alone? Can you have your own version of life without needing a group consensus?

You might have a different way of seeing choices, challenges, and opportunities, than anyone else you grew up with. You might see the cup as full already, with endless opportunities to have even more of what you want. Your father might look at it as being selfish or asking for too much, while your friend might see it as impossible, your mother thinks it should all be shared, and your third grade teacher thought it was better to always follow the rules. Which version is correct? Which one should you line up to? And, if you don’t follow other’s rules about what’s real, are you wrong?

Nobody else really knows what it takes for you to be you. Remember that you don’t completely understand what it takes for them to be them, either. We each have a unique spirit, a unique energy. You are one of a kind, and so is everyone else.

Not everyone is comfortable being one of a kind. If you are truly unique, you might stand out, and then you will Be Seen. Are you safe enough for this? Do you even want it? You’ve made choices throughout your life because of this, consciously or not.

If you’re confident that you are safe enough to be seen, yet aren’t getting what you want, it’s time to ask yourself if perhaps you’ve taken on someone else’s desire to remain hidden. In other words, if you need to heal others and be responsible for keeping them safe, this tendency may be getting in your way.

If you try to step out into the limelight and this energy is in your space, others won’t be safe about you being seen. Your self image may have been partly about keeping them safe and protected. If you see yourself as a star, it’s time to become conscious about the other energies you are allowing to hold you back. Only you can decide to change those agreements, move the energy out of your space, and go out and get what you want to have.

If you feel guilty every time you succeed because your friend isn’t having the same success, or your family is struggling, your version of reality is once again clashing with other people’s versions. This doesn’t make your version selfish or wrong. Your job is to succeed – at being you.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Amazing Tree’ ©Richard A. Hardt

2 thoughts on “Is your own truth real?

  1. Thank You Kris!

    I find all your articles inspirational and grandly helpful, true spiritual guidance for me. This one helped me tremendously. I truly appreciate your clarity, it assists me to grow mine. Thank You.

    I realize I love to help others though I often get myself twisted in the shuffle of these energies. Something I am working on – giving myself permission to be me, and creating space and balance to be me despite what may be occurring around me.

    Thank You for sharing your wisdom.

    • Hello Patricia,

      Thanks so much for reading and for your kind comment. You are a very wise woman, and a strong one too. It’s a great thing to give ourselves permission just to be, and to have that space and balance. My very best to you, and I wish you a great and happy New Year!


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