How do your past lives help you in this one?

You have many past lives, and are accessing any number of them at one time.

It all depends on what you want to learn, achieve, accomplish, heal, and have, in this one. The experiences you’re having in this lifetime are part of your plan.

A past life reading is a hello to your spirit, that part of you that created all of those lifetimes. This is validating for you on all levels, and can help you to remember who you actually are, not just who you think you are.

What if you really do have more power than you’ve been able to know you have? What if you’re much more than you’ve been able to validate? What if this is true for everyone you meet?

Do you feel like you’ve known certain people in your life from before? Is there a time in history you are fascinated by? You have the feeling you were there, or do you fantasize or dream about it? You are probably accessing that lifetime, now. There may be something you want to remember, bring back, or complete.

This present moment is truly miraculous, because it’s the one you are living in. Your body is always in the present, while your spirit can be endless places at once. You as a spiritual being have been many places, throughout many lifetimes. You came to this lifetime with some goals you wanted to achieve, growth you wanted to experience.

Maybe this time around you want to create, to be seen, or to develop your healing abilities. You might be accessing those lifetimes in which you did those things, and perhaps also the ones in which you didn’t have the same opportunities you do now.  By consciously creating your experiences in this lifetime, you can make your dreams real. You have the opportunity to grow, and to have what you want, to become real.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “How do your past lives help you in this one?

  1. Thank you for the balanced view of past lives. I have accessed a few snippets of my past lives where there is karmic debt on my part or trauma and find the subject painful. I appreciate the positive aspects of your view of past lives. 🙂

    • Hello Amy, thanks for reading and for your comment. You may be accessing those painful experiences now in order to finally be free of them. It will be healing for you to bring that energy back to you in this lifetime, free of the pain. You’ll find that many of your lifetimes were wonderful, filled with great things too. You might be working it as a “first things first”, in order to move the tough stuff out of your way. It can be difficult, I know. Look for the good ones too, and it may help.

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