Peace: don’t leave home without it

The sign said ‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’. Handwritten underneath: ‘In our hearts and minds’.

Yes, it’s been said many times that peace comes from within. It’s worth repeating. Peace is a minute to minute choice, a present time energy to have and create. In each moment, you can decide whether there will be peace within you, or if you will continue to wage war, or remain unconscious, and so on.

Peace is not a static perfect state. Peace is a living breathing energy. It may not seem as exciting an energy as conflict is. It certainly depends on your definition of excitement, and what you need to do for excitement. And sometimes conflict is necessary, in order to resolve issues and clear the air. What about having a peaceful conflict? That requires creativity, instead of just a show of brute force.

We are each unique spiritual beings having a human experience. We can appreciate and love others dearly, but that doesn’t mean we’re always going to agree with each other. Peace doesn’t require us to constantly give up our own truth in order to keep that peace. That isn’t peace, that’s being untruthful.

It’s how we resolve conflicts that determines whether peace can exist. If there’s a constant need to win, and winning is defined as complete defeat of the other side, nobody will be listening to each other. All everyone wants to do is win. This works great for sports and other contests, but nobody wins in a war.

Peace cannot exist at the same time as punishment. If we need to annihilate our enemies and make them completely wrong, we’re giving in to our lowest instincts, instead of learning to step higher.

Keeping the peace is sometimes seen as being soft or fluffy, but if that is true, why do we so often fail miserably at it? One of the biggest challenges you may ever face is to find forgiveness for those who have wronged you. Even more challenging is to find forgiveness for yourself, when you feel you have been wrong or failed in some way. Forgiveness is the first step toward a lasting peace.

When we need to see those we don’t agree with as the enemy or the Other, and play an ‘Us against Them’ game, we will all lose. As we become adept at seeing clearly without judgment, we will see the true spirit of each human being and finally realize that they are us and we are them.

©Kris Cahill /
‘May Peace Prevail On Earth’ ©JP Puerta

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