Peace is more than an absence of war

Peace is a quality of life issue, a creative, living energy. True peace isn’t static – there is constant movement and growth. When we decide to make peace a choice, we can choose it again and again.

Having a passion for peace means you can create from an experience of having peace, rather than in response to war. What if peace were much more than just not fighting?

What if the definition of peace were to include the right to decide for oneself; the right to speak and think freely; the right to clean food, water, and air; the right to have health and good health care; the right to create; the right to love whom you choose; the right to worship what you choose; the right to pursue happiness. Peace and freedom go hand in hand down this road.

Having an experience of peace can begin within you, right now. Why not begin with your own body? Here is a Peaceful Body Meditation you can try for yourself:

Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, allow your attention to come back to yourself, from wherever it’s been out in the world. Breathe, and send a peaceful hello to your body. Ask how it is, notice the energies, emotions, sensations, in your body. Accept your body as it is, there is no need to fix anything or to criticize your own body.

Create an energy connection from your lower body to the earth, and allow yourself to be connected deeply to the earth itself. This connection is called a grounding cord. When you are grounded to the earth, it is easier for you to safely let go of energy you’ve taken on that isn’t yours, especially any non-peaceful energy.

Give yourself a deep breath, and notice the grounding you’ve created. Allow it to be a brilliant color, or make up an image you like that feels earthy and grounded, or fun for your body. Try different grounding cords on until you find one that feels good.

Notice how your body likes this grounding. Now you can use the connection you made from your body to the earth to release any energy you’re through with, or that just doesn’t fit right inside of you.

This is a Peaceful Body Meditation, so focus on having the energy of peace within your body. Begin with your feet. Notice if there has been any non peaceful energy in your feet, and let it go down the grounding cord, back to the earth. Just send it down the cord, and let yourself release it. Notice how this feels.

Move on to your legs and do the same. You don’t have to know where the energy came from or solve it, just release it. Your body can help you out here – just ask it if it’s holding onto this energy. From your legs, move to your torso, including your organs: heart, liver, lungs, and so on. Let the non peaceful energy go to the earth, which will neutralize it again.

Continue through your arms and hands, neck, head, face, and so on. Notice how it feels to let go of this energy. Then do it some more.

Finish by creating a beautiful gold sun above you. The gold sun contains your own energy, and is there whenever you want to replenish yourself. Shine it down, and fill in your entire body with your own beautiful healing vibration. Your own energy is peace within you. Notice how it feels to come back home again.

Do this meditation any time you feel you’d like to. You have the power to create your own zone of peace. It always begins with you.

Visit my website to listen to a free guided meditation, ‘A Meditation On /Becoming Peace’.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011  All Rights Reserved. /
‘Earth’ ©Navid Baraty on Photography Served

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3 thoughts on “Peace is more than an absence of war

  1. Great little meditation. I’ve been using a variant of it for years. It’s really helpful as people go more deeply into awakening and need to stay clear and clean out old issues.

    • I’ve changed so much in myself and in my life as a result of practicing grounding and meditation. It’s easier to release those old issues if one is safe enough to do so, and grounding becomes the miracle that helps this happen.

      Happy New Year to you, Jim!

      • I’m glad you’ve gotten so much out of it too. Happy New Year to you as well! May lots of wonderful syncronicities and happenings come to you this year.

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