The peace in your heart becomes peace on earth

It wouldn’t be so very difficult to create an atmosphere of peace on earth.

If each of us decided to carry this energy with us at least part of every day, not only would our own individual loads be lighter, we’d also be bringing healing energy with us, wherever we went.

Many people already do this. Those who show up with a good attitude, ready to give of themselves, to say hello to others, who are happy to be alive, and grateful for the many gifts of life – these are the healers. They don’t even have to say a word. Just by choosing to embody a peaceful happy energy, they give others permission to choose the same.

If you want to heal the planet and make a difference, consider that your real work might begin with healing yourself. By becoming the energy you want to see become real, you have more of an impact than if you’re running around trying to convince others to do this, or judging and condemning them for not doing so. It can be easier to spend one’s energy “helping” others see the light instead of doing one’s own difficult work. It’s easier to see how others can improve than decide to do this within. Our own personal stuff can be so messy!

Many healers also feel guilty about taking their own energy back and using it to heal their own lives. There are agreements with the others that may need to be changed in order to move on and create something new. This requires consciousness, which can be so inconvenient: If I actually see what’s going on, I may have to make some big changes, and so and so won’t like it. Perhaps your consciousness is merely inconvenient for the status quo.

What if peace were to become the status quo* within you? What if you decided that no matter what anyone else decided to become, you would become peace?

*The original phrase from 14th-century diplomatic Latin was in statu quo res erant ante bellum, meaning “in the state in which things were before the war”. This gave rise to the shorter form status quo ante bellum “the state in which (it was) before war” (indicating the withdrawal of enemy troops and restoration of power to prewar leadership), as well as other variations such as status quo itself. ~Wikipedia

In this time of big change and growth,  I wish you peace in your heart, and love in your life.

©Kris Cahill /
Photo @ Photography Served

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