Consciousness and peace walk hand in hand

Becoming conscious makes it easier to allow others the freedom to be as they already are. The ability to live and let live could be seen as a ‘side effect’ of consciousness.

If we can learn to do this, rather than fear, distrust, or punish others because they are not like us, we can create a true and lasting peace.

Nobody will be able to convince us that it isn’t in our best interests to do so. We will no longer listen to lies about others. The huge profits raked in by the War Industry, also known as Unconsciousness Inc., will end.

Consciousness is Peace.

If you are able to see the unique spirit that exists in everyone you meet, you’ll be more likely to allow each the right to be. People who are different from us are gifts for us; we are all gifts for each other. We’re blessed with a rich diversity of spirit on this planet, and this is something to celebrate. How boring life would be if there was no diversity, no differences! Imagine what it would be like if there was only one kind of fish, or dog, or tree, or rose, or human being, or way of seeing things.

If you can see the spirit in each living being, in the animals and plants on this earth, and in the earth itself, you’ll be more conscious of how your actions affect this earth and its many creatures. If you can know your own spirit, and love what you know, it will be easier for you to be yourself, and to create your life to be as you really want it to be. It will be easier to know what that is.

The peace you create simply by being conscious of your own spirit has a great effect. When you do the hard work of going within and healing yourself, you are giving to every other living being. You are able to bring the healing you have become to the rest of us, simply by showing up. By finding the peace within yourself, you become peace itself walking in the world.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Antelope Canyon’ on Pixdaus

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