2011 is all about consciousness

To all of my readers, Happy New Year to you! I hope 2011 is a wonderful year for you, filled with happy times and joyful days. May you have a blissful year!

Thank you for reading, for your feedback, comments, and sharing this blog with others. I always appreciate having my blog shared, so please be generous with your friends!

I’ve got quite a lot lined up for 2011, with big plans for Psychic Everyday. In November 2010, I began working with an Energy of the Month, and will continue to do so in 2011. I like the idea of focusing on a particular energy or concept, opening up and expanding that concept, and looking at it from many angles, including being psychic, self healing, spiritual growth, meditation, grounding, free will, and the other topics this blog focuses on.

To continue along this path and make it even more interesting and varied, in 2011 I will be asking guest bloggers to write some of the posts on this blog, for the first time ever. I’ll ask my guest writers to focus on the Energy of the Month, writing it from their own perspective and expertise. If you are interested in being a guest writer at this blog, please contact me here, or leave a comment.

I’m also setting the Energy of the Year for 2011 at Consciousness. That is the underlying energy, and each month will also have its own. Here’s a preview of the Energy of the Month for the next few months:

January: Value, knowing your own, having value for yourself and your creations, etc.

February: Communication, with yourself, others, spirit and body, being able to be heard, and so on.

March: Body Awareness, including self healing, listening to your body, self care on all levels.

April: Prosperity!

I look forward to hearing from you, and wish you well on your own journey.

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2 thoughts on “2011 is all about consciousness

  1. Hello Deepweb, I chose consciousness for 2011 because becoming more conscious is where we’re working now, as human beings on this planet. Consciousness is about becoming aware of what was previously hidden, or what one was unaware of.

    Consciousness is also a choice, and that’s how I’m viewing it. One can choose to become more conscious, or not. It’s the difference between wanting to know or see, or not. From my perspective, when one decides to become aware, especially of one’s own abilities, information, knowledge, talents, and so on, all of humanity benefits. That’s because when you are actively living in your own truth, you become a gift to the rest of the planet. That’s also when you are healing yourself. Believe it or not, when you decide to do that, you become a great healing to be around.

    Thank you, and a very Happy New Year to you too!

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