The value of being consciously at peace

Especially in the face of unconscious hatred and terrifying violence, consciously deciding to take peaceful action is healing. You contribute to peace each and every time you decide to become peace, in spite of what is happening outside of you.

It can sometimes seem like the hatred is winning, frightening all of us further into a corner, taking away our freedom to live our lives in the way we choose. People say and do the most extraordinary things in order to gain power, control, and fame. Those who are using the divisions between people to further their own selfish ends, are not going to win this game.

When judgment and condemnation rule the day, we all lose. It can seem so overwhelming, especially in the face of terrible loss and sorrow, to move past this negative energy. Sometimes a peaceful word seems weak when compared to the brutal force of hatred. Those who hate and divide seem so certain of themselves, don’t they?

This is the main reason why your peaceful energy is so valuable. Just by bringing into yourself the energies of forgiveness, kindness, compassion, love, and understanding, you help others to choose this path. You don’t have to be in any effort to do this. It becomes a natural part of the value you already have, when you decide to have this.

You might decide to go this route because you already know the other way doesn’t work. Perhaps you have experienced loss, maybe you’re just tired of being controlled by negativity. Whatever your reasons are, you can be sure that when you choose to become consciously peaceful within yourself, you affect so many others you come into contact with. You also create healing within yourself.

The value of your contribution cannot be overstated. Thank you for choosing to walk the walk of peace.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Moonset’ ©Clive Shaupmeyer on Pixdaus

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