The value of learning to heal yourself

You can decide to heal yourself.

You may have forgotten that you already have this power. You might not even be aware that you know how to do this.

All healing is self healing, so you really are the only one who can decide that you will heal. Yes, it’s helpful to have good healing practitioners of all kinds to go to. Not everyone responds in the same way to the same kinds of healing techniques. It’s wonderful that healing techniques and body work of all kinds are widely available now. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy healing, meditation, astral body healing, and nutritional therapy, are but a few of the many healing choices available in 2011.

For too many generations now, we have been programmed into thinking that we need to go outside of ourselves in order to be well. When something goes wrong inside of the body, we are told to go to the doctor to get it checked out. The doctor becomes the expert of you, rather than you learning how to listen to your body and become the expert of yourself. It is because of the invalidation that says you can’t possibly know for yourself, that many people believe they don’t know their own bodies.

If you learn to listen to your own intuition, and to your body, it may tell you, “go to the doctor and get this checked out” and it may also say “get more sleep, learn to meditate, let go of stress, have more fun”.

Meanwhile, very few people have been taught how to make healthy choices for themselves. The tendency in our culture is to reward people for working too much and putting their own needs last. One is considered unselfish and virtuous for doing this; as a result many people work themselves into sickness. It’s only when the body is suffering and in distress that many of us even listen to its cries.

Your body may have been politely ringing the doorbell for some time, trying to get you to answer its calls and pay attention. If you ignored it, it might be blaring loud alarms now to get you to respond.

The inhumane and horrific practice of making profits for the few more important than the health of the earth and all of its living creatures, is forcing us to wake up. There is a skewed and unbalanced value system in place, that only our conscious participation can change. As our health is being compromised more each day by our unconscious ways of choosing to use our most precious resources, we are finding new and better ways of living. By deciding to heal yourself, you will begin to find your own answers as to what this means.

©Kris Cahill 2011 /
‘Butterfly’ on Pixdaus

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