Be the spark to your own fire

This is a guest post by Silvia Mick.

They say that, when you hit your lowest point, you have a few possible choices: adjust to it, dig deeper or raise up from the ground. As usual, you’re the one in charge, but getting used to something I don’t like has never been part of my plan and the only digging I advise you to do is inside of yourself, to single out what’s going on, what brought you there, and to start working on it and on yourself to be able to release your inner value, your biggest treasure, the Core of your being, and let it shine and dazzle everyone around.

Of course, you don’t have to reach your lowest point to start searching and working on your inner value, that’s a quest everyone of us can, and should, start anytime and as soon as possible. That’s THE quest, I should say, as I believe that nothing is more important than finding out who you are and what you want FOR REAL.

Now, it may seem easy, as most of us believe that self-knowledge is some “default feature” that doesn’t have to be worked upon and naturally comes with another set of “features” that cannot be changed.

“I am like this and I cannot be different”. “I can’t do that”. “I admire you because you made it, but I could never do the same because that’s just not me” and so on and so forth. Well, that’s all just non-sense. Fact is, we all seem to be pre-programmed on low or very low self-esteem, everybody around is telling us that we cannot make it on our own, that we need to find that Special Someone that makes life worth living, that we have to adjust to some “normality” or “standard way to be” or “grayness” because “that’s the way life is and you’re not that special anyway to change it, so get with the Program just like anyone else”. And then there’s family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, TV, commercials, ads, political and religious leaders teaching and preaching the RIGHT WAY, the ONLY WAY to the truth, to happiness, to freedom, to love, and to whatever you may possibly imagine. And their message is so powerful and somehow easier to accept than working on your own path, that we end up believing that we DO REALLY WANT what we are told that we should want and that WE ARE the way we’re told we should be.

Our inner value, the Core of our being, our true potential lays under all these layers – and many more to be mentioned – layers of unnecessary. All we need is already inside of us, we don’t need confirmations from the outside, we need to know who we are and what we want FOR REAL. So often, we live in an open cage made of frustration, other people’s expectations, regrets, what ifs, fears and we leave our true potential – that powerful inner voice screaming so loud if we could only stop for a second and listen to it – rot inside of us. Cursing life and external circumstances for what we haven’t been able to achieve, for what we haven’t been strong enough to fight for and believe in.

When our only true birth right is to make a masterpiece of our life. No matter what this may possibly mean to you, that’s not the point. There are no limits, only those we impose on ourselves.

Your own value is in your eyes, not in somebody else’s. It’s running in your veins, nobody can take it from you. How can you get there? There’s no universal recipe to do that. So, just don’t believe in other people’s perfect solution because there’s no right way and no wrong way to do it. You’ll have to find your path on your own. Dive into yourself, dig into the dirt, accept all the dark spots, the so-called “unacceptable” and start from there, the real You, your Core, and fall in love with yourself, all of yourself, without judgment. Never relying on the surface or on common sense, on what is supposed to be right or wrong, but searching your own meaning, your own way.

It’s not easy, it can be a very harsh and lonesome journey, but it’s absolutely worth it. And it’s a never-ending process, not a stage you reach and you’re done forever. You cannot believe the discipline it takes to stay true to the Core of your being when everybody else is trying to sell you their own idea of perfection and how you should and are supposed to be.

Become who you are. Let your value, your Core, shine. You can change anytime, become a new You every second, reinvent yourself as much as you feel it is right for you. And that’s still You, nobody can ever accuse you of having changed, that’s a trick to break your wings and keep you in that open cage. While our possibilities are infinite.

That’s your mission.  Society is a big cage imposing standards and rules on us, but then it thrives thanks to personal initiative, and to those people who stay true to themselves and follow their own shiny path.

Be your own creator. Find your own value and forge it to give shape to your dreams and your life.

©Silvia Mick 2011
Born in Italy in 1974, and currently living in Rome, silviamick is the provocative and inspiring author of I am – Absolute Freedom, a book “not for the faint of heart”. Starting from her own personal experiences, she constantly pierces through the façade of modern society under the motto “This world needs a Revolution. You & I are the chosen ones”.


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