How can you increase your own value?

Is it you who determines your own value? If not, why not?

If you are allowing it to be determined for you by the judgments or standards of others, you may want to rethink this choice. Yes, it is a choice, even if it’s an unconscious one. Somewhere along the way, you gave up ownership of your own self worth to someone or something else. Only you can get it back again.

How can you create more value within yourself? How do you raise your own worth, increase your own stature? Isn’t that all determined by the marketplace, or by how popular you are, or whether your approval ratings are high? Are you waiting until you’re more perfect before you decide that you’re okay?

If you feel you’ve failed, if you made a mistake you can’t forgive yourself for, if you haven’t yet reached your own definition of success, you might be angry at yourself. You might be punishing yourself by withholding your approval from the most important person in your own life – you.

If you’ve been in the habit of defining yourself by what you do, and what you do has changed or gone away, you might have a difficult time of redefining who you are without it. The economic downturn has had a way of devaluing many things: jobs and real estate are just two of them. You don’t have to allow the current events to devalue you as well.

Here’s another way to look at value: what has gained in value for you over the last few years? During this challenging time in our history, when so much lost its worth, did other things gain in importance for you? Have you created more of a sense of what’s real as the old ways of doing business have been stripped away?

For example, are your relationships with others more valuable now? Have you created something new in your life over the past few years, something more real and true for you than what you had before? Are you more conscious of the earth and its value? Did you already know that your body is the most amazing creation?

You are the one who determines what anything is worth, by deciding that it’s valuable to you and owning that decision. One way to do this is to practice daily meditation and to remind yourself of what’s true and real for you. Sit quietly, breathe, and be in the moment. Become aware of your own body and breath. Allow yourself to find gratitude for everything you have, and for who you are, as you already are.

You don’t need to prove your worth to anyone else, just have and enjoy it for yourself.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012
‘Cat’ ©Gianfly on  Pixdaus

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