The value of a daily meditation habit

If you are looking for one good habit to add to your life, try meditating regularly. You’ll benefit in more ways than you might imagine you can from such a simple practice.

A grounded meditation practice will help you to know who you are and where you’re at. If you’ve been running and running, and expect to continue doing so every day, meanwhile fueling yourself on caffeine, stress, guilt, worry, or some other toxic energy, your body and health will suffer. You will lose your precious energy by treating yourself this way. It can be much harder for you to create what it is you want if you don’t have enough energy or space to do so.

You can try something different today. Or tomorrow, or anytime. There is never a bad time to begin to meditate, and every time you do it helps you to do it again. If you practice grounding as part of your meditation, you have a way to release all of those toxic energies you’ve been taking on.

If you think you’re already too busy and don’t have the time to begin doing this, if you just can’t see adding one more thing to your list, consider this. The time you spend meditating will pay off in big ways, and in parts of your life you may not even imagine it doing so.

Meditation can help you to do the following: gain perspective, calm down, sleep better, let go, hear yourself, value your body, have more energy, heal yourself, think more clearly, create your new creations, manifest, let go of pain, enjoy being in the moment, be able to be present, hear music clearly, have more fun.

It also helps you to: come back to your senses, know yourself, give yourself permission to stop constantly doing, trust yourself, feel your feelings, know your own thoughts, ground yourself, communicate with the earth, become aware of your body, find peace within, relax, know what’s truly important to you. You may not be aware of the vast riches to be found within yourself, until you begin looking for them.

Meditation is not perfect, doesn’t need to be practiced perfectly, and you don’t need to be perfect to practice it. All you need to do is begin. Do it on your own, find a teacher, listen to a cd, create your own practice. There is no one right way to meditate. The trick is just to start.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012 /
‘Broken Landscapes’ ©Roberto Ivan Cano on Photography Served

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4 thoughts on “The value of a daily meditation habit

  1. I love this post! I started meditating after realizing how much peace I get from yoga classes. It’s definitely something I need to make more of a priority though. Thanks for this 🙂

    • Thank you, Jaclyn. I also love the peaceful ‘side effects’ of meditation. It is a pretty amazing thing to practice, and I wish you well with yours!

      There are many posts about meditation on this site, and I’ve recently begun grouping them on one page to make it easier to find them. Some of them are suggested meditations, and there will soon be more of those. Check out the page tab called ‘Meditations For You’.

  2. “Meditation is not perfect, doesn’t need to be practiced perfectly, ”

    That depends, what kind of meditation do we talk about? 🙂 You speak the truth, but I would just point out, that the imperfect meditation is the basic meditation. Advanced form of mind work require more perfection :). For example, Zazen – it’s not simple to learn to be performed correctly.

    • Hi Nathan, it always looks to me like trying to achieve a state of perfection can really get in the way. Because what do you do after you’ve achieved it? Do you still get to grow? What about having room to make mistakes and learn something new, to have permission to make messes and get creative?

      In lieu of perfection, I prefer excellence. There’s always room for growth and change. One must give oneself the space to take risks, and if one is in fear of not being perfect, there’s no room to grow.

      Also, I prefer meditation that also includes the body, a more grounded meditation. It’s not all about the mind, not at all.

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