A meditation on value

Psychic Everyday spotlights a different energy for each month. Value has been the theme for January, 2011. This is a special meditation on Value.

Looking at what has value and meaning is a wonderful way to begin a new year, or a new era in your life, especially one filled with so much possibility and opportunity.

Value itself is a wonderful meditation theme. Having a conscious awareness of your own value, as well as valuing what it is you already have in your life, can help you to create even more of what it is you want.

A meditation on value:

Sit in a comfortable seat, with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow your attention point to come back to you from wherever it has been. As you sit and breathe, notice that there is no effort to do so. Become aware of your body doing its work, effortlessly. Create a connection from your lower body, the base of your spine, into the earth. Allow this energy connection, this grounding, to go deep into the earth, all the way to the center of the earth. Notice how this feels for your body.

Notice your lungs, heart, brain, stomach, liver – all of the organs in your body. Every organ and every gland, every tissue, bone, cell, your senses – every part of your body is priceless. Many people don’t even notice the miracles of their bodies until forced to, whether by illness, injury, or something else.

Begin by thanking your body for its miraculous abilities. Find gratitude and value for each part of you, from your toes all the way up to the top of your head. Especially if part of your body has been challenged in some way, find gratitude. Notice the value of having a beating heart, a brain that is working, lungs that breathe – it is through the miracle of this body of yours that you can even do anything that you do each day.

If you’ve been in the habit of invalidating your own body, if you’ve been angry at your body, if you’ve been ignoring it, if you don’t like it and are hypercritical of it, now is a good time to get over that, and become friends with your body. Allow yourself to release any body invalidation that has been sitting inside of you, down to the earth. The earth will neutralize the old uncomfortable energy you let go of. As you continue to communicate with your body, continue to release these other unhappy energies that have been sitting inside of you. Notice how it feels to do so.

Notice your own abilities, talents, things you like to do. What are you attracted to, what do you love, what is fun for you? Find value for these abilities, even if nobody else around you can value them. Allow yourself to release any invalidation that comes up and gets in the way of you having what it is you love. If you’ve been holding yourself back from creating something because you’re afraid it won’t have value to others, let go of that fear. It’s just resistance, getting in your way.

Notice if there is something else you want to value more – perhaps your work, relationships, home, choices in life. It is up to you, not others, to find what has meaning for you. Release any energy that gets in the way of you having this for yourself.

Notice how this feels, and what you experience while doing all of this. Finish the meditation by replenishing yourself with your own energy. Create a big beautiful golden sun above your head, and allow this to be the source of your own unique energy. Let it shine down and fill yourself back in again with your own healing energy. Let the gold sun help you remember your own value. Enjoy!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012

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