Communicating consciously

This is a guest post by Billy Pacholski.

As you’ve probably noticed, our world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Everything seems to be happening faster and faster, and our perception of time and space is having to adjust to keep up with our mastery of technology. Things like email, instant messaging, text messaging, and video chatting are making it possible to communicate in ways that only a few years ago we couldn’t even dream of. Everything now seems to be happening instantaneously, or on-demand.

I remember when I was a little boy, my parents had an old fashioned crank phone in our basement hanging on the wall. I used to play with this odd, exotic device all the time, turning the crank, pulling the earpiece up to my head and speaking into the cone, hearing the crackle of the sparks inside as the electricity that made the phone work was created. Think of how miraculous it must have been in the olden times to be able to communicate with someone from another city without having to write a letter and have it delivered by post! This old phone seemed so ancient when we purchased our first “Cobra” cordless phone…

Nowadays, we run around with our smart phones in our ears, being connected to friends, loved ones, and the entire world via the internet in truly remarkable ways. The ability to communicate and convey ideas, thoughts, and emotions to each other in so many different forms is an amazing thing we have developed! But how much of our communication is conscious?

It’s important when communicating consciously that you allow space for the other person you’re communicating with to have changed. Are you speaking to an old picture of that person you’re holding on to? Maybe they’ve changed completely since last time you talked! Are your ideas or emotions about the topic you’re communicating about in past time, or outdated? Maybe the situation has changed.

Are you communicating to other people from your own space in present time? Maybe you’ve changed! Your ideas, thoughts, emotions about things might have changed and maybe your communication is outdated. Perhaps that issue or event that caused you pain is no longer so painful. Maybe your opinions have shifted in flight – like overhead baggage on an airplane.

Another way our communication space gets diluted is by trying to please other people. Are you saying things because you think that’s what the other person wants to hear? Are you adjusting your communication to meet what you perceive as their needs? You can end up saying things you’ll eventually regret or committing to things that you don’t actually want – creating karma and messy energy between you.

To bring your communication into present-time, ground yourself to the earth and be present with the person you’re communicating with – whether you’re on the other side of a table, a phone line, or a computer screen! Even if the situation or conversation is uncomfortable – when you’re in present-time and grounded, you have space to express yourself in a truly honest way, and connect intimately with the people around you. This will allow you to have what you want in your life in a more efficient – and joyful – way.

As our ability to communicate with each other continues to advance and become more creative, it is becoming more and more important to be communicating with each other in consciously – in present-time – by being aware of the energy in our communication!

©Billy Pacholski

Billy Pacholski is a professional Psychic and Producer in San Francisco, California. Find out more about him at his website: Image from iStock.

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5 thoughts on “Communicating consciously

  1. Wonderful post. I picked up quite a few tidbits for living in the present in this crazy era. Thank you, Billy.

    I got a chuckle from your analogy of opinions “shifting in flight.” Very cool.

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