A meditation on making messes

Are you ready to make a mess?

If you have come to the end of needing to be perfect, if you are tired of holding yourself back, if you want to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and free yourself – this meditation is for you.

Disclaimer: Practicing this meditation will not make you a better person. It will not help you to solve problems you haven’t been able to solve. However, it can help you to let go of needing to hold it all together, solve other’s problems for them, or worry about the little things.

Before we get started, find yourself a comfortable chair to sit in, one that allows you to have your feet comfortably flat on the floor. Give yourself space, ie: turn off the TV, radio, cellphone, put the cat out, etc. Have a quiet space for yourself.

Close your eyes, and allow your attention to be on yourself. Breathe, and notice your breath, notice your body, notice how you feel. Get back in touch with what is going on inside of you, now in this moment. Do this without judging any of what you notice. You are already perfect, just as you are. No need for improvement.

Visualize, imagine, create a connection from your lower body at the base of your spine, to the earth, and allow this connection to go all the way to the very center of the earth. This is a grounding cord. You can visualize your grounding cord to be anything you like: a tree trunk, a vine, waterfall, beam of colorful light – what ever feels good to your body. Make sure it’s firmly connected to your lower body.

Now give yourself a deep breath, and allow the grounding to be real for you and for your body. Allow it to help you to feel safe and connected to the earth. Ask your body how it likes this grounding cord, and adjust it if your body requests that you do, so that your body likes it too. This is healing for your body. Your body takes on all of that energy you handle, and this will help your body to let it go.

Now breathe again, and notice that you can release any energy you want to let go of, and you can use the grounding cord to help you to release it to the earth. In other words, you can get it out of you. When you release energy to the earth, it can no longer do any harm. The earth neutralizes it. So now you have a tool that allows you to let go of anything you are DONE with. It’s completely up to you what you hold onto, and what you let go of.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Notice any energy that’s been sitting inside of you demanding that you solve it. You may have been in failure because you couldn’t solve it. Or perhaps you’ve been making nice, trying to keep it together for others. Maybe the energy is a fear that things might fall apart and then you’d be responsible because you didn’t hold it together.

Begin to release the energy that demands you use your energy to hold it together, to make it nice, to stop messes from happening. If you’ve been wanting to make a mess, to create big changes in your own life, release the energy that wants to hold you back from destroying the old ways of doing things. Just let it go down the grounding cord back to the earth.

Keep releasing and notice how it feels to get this old stuck resistance energy out of you. Let go of the demand that you be perfect. Allow yourself to be exactly who you already are by releasing energy that says that isn’t good enough.

Keep releasing, and notice how you feel, what you are experiencing, and what your body has to say about this. Notice there is no effort, that you can do this just because you want to.

Finish the meditation by filling back in with your own energy. Create a gold sun above your head, and allow it to be the source of your own unique energy. Shine the gold sun down into yourself, and allow your own energy to come right back to you, and to fill you up again. Replenish yourself with the energy that is truly and beautifully, all yours. Notice how you feel, and how your body feels.

Relax and enjoy yourself, just as you are.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved

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‘Tungarahua Volcano, Ecuador’ on Pixdaus

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