The truth rose

This is a guest post by Noel Olken

Since the beginning of time, humans have communicated one way or another. Communication has evolved greatly since those early days, but I’ll wager probably not as much as you think.

Even before they could speak, our early ancestors communicated. They looked at each other.  They dragged sticks in the sand and drew pictures. They held each other. They fought each other. They loved each other. And of course the earliest mimes and comedians made the tribe laugh.

They yelled and screamed guttural sounds at each other until finally the voice box and the larynx developed enough to utter the first word. Do you know what I think the first word sounded like?  I think it sounded like this…


Cause you know, urges are what its all about. Ever since humans could speak, they talk most about their urges. Some are lofty and poetic; others are basic and just a part of survival.

The urge to run. The urge to learn. The urge to understand.  The urge to create.  The urge to love and to be loved.  The urge to fuck.  The urge to shit.

Urges. We are always talking about our urges. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m lonely. I’m horney.  I’m sad. I want to sing! I’m in love.

They are all important, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t talk about them all the same way. We give some more importance than others. Humans do that with communication, we judge some to be more important. But what’s the most important part of communication? The part that is so often missing?

The Truth.

As an actor I’m always thinking about finding the truth, and people’s urges. What a character wants out of a scene. And most of the time, in literature at least, people say one thing and they mean another.

“I want to help you” can really mean “I want to fuck you over”.

“I love you” means “I hate you”. “Friend”means “enemy” and “buddy” means I can’t be bothered to call you by your name.

So how do you really know what’s going on and how can you trust communication and speech? By trusting your own voice first and your own truth. They say you can’t fool an honest man.

And one of the best tools I learned in the Advanced Meditation class was the tool, the Truth Rose. It’s a way to know if someone is lying to you.

You know, people lie all the time. The television lies all the time. But the truth rose is a very good way to help you decide for yourself is some one is lying to you or not.

It’s a great tool. I use it all the time. I use it when talking to a salesperson. I use it at work. I use it on myself sometimes. In fact, I’m using it right now. Hey Truth Rose, am I telling the truth? Truth Rose says Yes.

So, in closing, I wish you all great communication with yourself, your world and your friends, and this last thought; just because you can speak, doesn’t mean you have to. But when you do, make it the truth.


©Noel Olken

Noel Olken is the creator and host of The Noel Olken Show. He has taken Psychic Mediation 1 twice, and still has trouble meditating everyday. When he’s not being really communicative with his wife, he writes, directs, edits, produces, acts, and communicates in the movies.

Image from “2001, A Space Odyssey”

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10 thoughts on “The truth rose

    • The truth rose is a fun tool I learned in psychic meditation 2 class, but it isn’t appropriate for me to “teach” anyone how to use it on Kris’ blog. all I can say is it works for me. Thank you.

  1. Thank you, Noel, for a wonderful post about truth.

    To Debi & Connie: as for the ever elusive Truth Rose, it is a tool taught in the Advanced Meditation Class, but the point of it is something Noel already points out here: being in one’s own truth. A Truth Rose won’t work if you are not. It has to do with being neutral about the outcome and looking for yourself to see if what you are asking is true or not. You already do this on a daily basis.

    Thank you all for being here! That’s true!

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