An attitude of certainty will get you there

Certainty can be defined as the energy of ownership. What you are choosing to own in your life, is up to you.

Being certain doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or prove your case to anyone else. Certainty has more to do with your confidence level. Do you believe what you are saying? Are you able to be certain about your own next step? Have you cleared the doubt out of your way?

Certainty is an energy. If you have your certainty about something, you are pretty clear as to what’s going on, what your next move is, what you need to leave behind, and who your real friends are.

When things are uncertain, cloudy, unfocused, or unconscious, it can be difficult to manifest or make it real for yourself. And, if you’ve been giving up your truth to someone else’s certainty, you may become invalidated as you go looking for your own.

Having your certainty allows you the autonomy to take your own steps without worrying whether others approve of you doing so. Being certain of yourself is helpful when you are making a big change in your life, or taking a chance on yourself.

Trust and faith in yourself are big here. Knowing and loving who you are to begin with, can make it easier to also be certain that you can trust your own choices and instincts. Many people have a hard time forgiving themselves for mistakes they’ve made, and as a result cannot make clear choices without doubting them.

Being certain doesn’t mean you are right, perfect, or that you have to prove anything to anyone else. It just means that you know what you want to have, do, feel, let go of, now. You can always change your mind later.

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