Put down the remote and listen to your body

You wouldn’t think of speaking to other people the way you sometimes might speak to your own body, not if you wanted them to listen for long, that is.

It’s so much easier to ignore your body’s requests, or to make it wrong when it can’t live up to your expectations, than it is to ignore another person. You would most likely have more compassion for someone else’s need for sleep or a day off, than you do for your own body’s need for the same. You may even be angry and frustrated with your body when it can’t do everything you want it to. You might expect it to keep going and going, and when part of it breaks down or you get sick, you wonder why you have such a flawed body.

It looks like many people are trying to operate their bodies from outside of themselves, yelling orders at their body; “do this, body!”. They get angry when their body doesn’t move as fast as they want it to. They work non stop, eat poorly, and hurl insults at their beautiful body. Treating another person like this is seen as abusive, but doing this to ourselves isn’t seen as being wrong, just as long as we get our work done and show up when expected, fulfilling our roles and responsibilities.

Unless your body is a TV, garage door, or air conditioner, it doesn’t operate well by using a remote. At least not for long, though you may get away with it for a while. What people see as an inevitable breaking down of the body as one gets older, can also be seen as the inevitable result of what happens when one doesn’t listen to one’s body, and give to it what it needs.

Your body is wise beyond what you might be aware of. There is intelligence and intuition in every part of you. When you take the time to rest and listen, to meditate and heal yourself, you unlock the hidden power your body already has within it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The month of March, 2011, is Body Awareness Month here at Psychic Everyday. Check back often for posts throughout the month featuring this theme, including 5 incredibly beautiful posts by guest bloggers. You can also subscribe by email and receive the latest quickly. Thank you for reading!

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Photo: ‘Remote (2)’ on Morgue File

2 thoughts on “Put down the remote and listen to your body

  1. You have really hit a chord with Body Awareness Month. There is so much pain and judgment around our bodies on so many levels that finally saying hello to it opens the release gates. So important.

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