Become friends with your body this spring

The thaw is on, winter is at an end. How lovely it can be to have a body in the spring!

The optimism of new spring growth in the natural world, is restorative to our bodies and spirits. This is but one reason of a gazillion why we need to consciously protect and cherish our earth. We are nothing without it.

One could say the same thing about that body of yours – can’t do much without it, can you? Everything you work on, create, experience, requires a body to do so. Yet so few remember to listen to their own bodies, and to validate them. So many people bemoan the state of their own bodies and are ashamed of or angry at them. This does not improve the likelihood of you being able to become friends with your body.

By spring, many of us have gotten over the fervent declarations of self improvement that we all jump into in January, after several months of colder weather, and lots of holiday celebrations have left their mark on our bodies. We decide to exercise, diet, change our lifestyles. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to embark on, how about sweetening the pot by throwing something in that many forget about?

How about creating a new Spring Resolution, one in which you declare that you already love your body, just as it is. Here’s my version of this new resolution:

Your body is already perfect, and you cherish it, are grateful for it, and love it. You are calling off all declarations of war, and if there has been a Cold War going on, one in which you simply ignore your body or don’t take its calls, you are ending that too. You are forgiving your body, and realize it is never wrong, nor do you need to make it wrong, ever again.

You can choose to begin a new habit: the habit of listening to the wisdom of your body. Your body is very smart; every part of it has something to teach you, if you just learn to listen. This is healing for your body; once you decide to go down this path, it will be difficult to go back again to a time when you ignore your body.

You weren’t born disliking or being angry at your own body – you took that on later. Perhaps you don’t physically fit the current body fashion, or you don’t look like others think you should look, or you’ve read too many fashion magazines that have uber-skinny models who all look like they need a good healthy fattening lunch. Maybe your mother hated her body, maybe your grandma was critical of zaftig women, or afraid of gaining an ounce herself. You might have been made fun of as a kid for the kind of body you had. Perhaps the need to be perfect runs through your town, or the fear of not fitting in.

Know this: if you decide to love your own body, and make it your business to follow through, your life will become a lot more fun. Your body will be happy when you learn to listen to it, and to give to it what it actually needs and wants in order to be well. You can make a new agreement with your body, one in which neither it nor you are ever wrong. When you begin to move in this direction, you will heal yourself and your body in ways you can’t imagine doing so now.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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Photo: Geek Philosopher



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