Clairvoyance can help you to dream up your own reality

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, it became real? When you woke up, for a split second all you knew was that dream reality;  perhaps it was preferable to what you actually had.

I had a dream like this that stays with me still. On my way to Spain in December 1990 for a two week holiday, I fell asleep on the airplane. I was exhausted, overworked, worried about my fashion business. Truthfully, I didn’t like being a fashion designer anymore and was ready for a big change. The economy was hitting the skids, and my own economy wasn’t doing much better. I needed to get away, so planned an adventure with a good friend.

In the dream, I was standing at the edge of a steep and scary cliff. I was terrified, afraid to fall, not seeing another way. Then a voice said to me, “go on, you can fly!”. There was no one visible, but I felt it was true, and took a leap. I flew away from that cliff, and it was a beautiful feeling. When I woke up, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I was ready to make a change. That dream was the beginning of a new vision for my life.

The true power of clairvoyance lies in being able to create a vision. If you can see it, in other words, you can create it. Creating your own vision for the future is far more interesting than waiting for someone else to predict it for you. It’s also scarier, because there’s nobody to blame if your vision doesn’t quite work out the way you expected.

If art school taught me anything, it was flexibility. More often than not, my finished paintings did not match the original vision I had when beginning them. Sometimes they were better, and sometimes they weren’t. New discoveries were made that wouldn’t have shown up any other way. Rather than any of this being a problem, an artist learns to go with it.

The beauty is in the discovery as one goes along, much like living life. The amount of control we each have is quite small, but the ability to invent, visualize, and create, is enormous. We have hardly scratched the surface of this magnificent ability that each of us has already, this clairvoyant ability.

Now, more than ever, we need capable clairvoyants on this earth. Fortunately, we are living in a time of clairvoyance, so they are showing up. It’s time to let go of the old pictures of what others declared was and always will be reality, and to create the new pictures.

Just because we currently live on a planet where war is prevalent, hunger is allowed to exist, and greed rules the day, doesn’t make any of this the whole reality of who we are as beings. These are choices, unconscious ones perhaps, what we need or want to experience as beings.

What would you like to see change? How does your planet Earth look to you, the one you would love to live on? How would you like to live and create? Perhaps you’re already working on your own vision of the future. But if you’ve gotten yourself caught in someone else’s ‘reality show’, you can disengage by creating a new vision. Begin to look for yourself and to share your new vision with others.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2011  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Reality and Dreams’ – Pesche 61 on Pixdaus

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5 thoughts on “Clairvoyance can help you to dream up your own reality

  1. Hi, I am clairvoyant and as many of my longtime friends will say one way or another when I have a vision it comes to light. The only thing that bothers me now is I question whether my last vision was right? Oh and that vision is still there as well! I was approached by a young man and he looked at me telling me he is in love with me and has been for awhile. I was drawn to his eyes and felt it more than ever he was being true but he is much much younger and I was in shock. My vision later was of him and i older on a bright sunny day together and so in love it was tremendous and was told he is your one and you both will be together for the rest of your lives. Ok still in shock even with this vision. I made no move towards him. But visions kept saying he is the one so I gave in and it was amazing but a sudden turn of events split us up. We both love each other still but he is scared i believe. Now that we are not together why would this vision stay with me telling me he is the one? I never had a vision do this!

    • Hi Brenda, I don’t understand – was it all a vision? or was there an actual flesh and blood man in your life, who’s not there now?

      I have no idea why you had this vision – perhaps it’s something that is still coming. Or it could be a being without a body that is in your space, or the male part of you reuniting within you. There is a lot of the latter going around. You could also be clearing out an older energy from a long time ago, lifetimes even – karma. So much old energy is getting shaken up and out of the planet now.

      if it is a real and present time thing, it may help to get your space with it, instead of giving up your energy to it. You may want to ground yourself and meditate, and release any of the energy from this that isn’t you. Much peace and healing to you, and thanks for reading my blog.

  2. yes, many of those 🙂
    when I was 19, I was working at McDonald’s in Cyprus
    didn’t like that job!
    I was napping before my shift and saw . . .
    me and my love on a paradise beach, palm trees,
    warmth, beautiful music. Ahh, still makes me smile 🙂
    it was a nice fantasy, but nothing to do with actually meeting anyone,
    but just a sense of meeting my ‘other self’,
    it was a beautiful, creative, peaceful and joyous experience . . .
    just what I needed.

    The other life-changing vision happened while being awake,
    I just realized pianism was not for me in this lifetime,
    but an entirely different path is the one 🙂

  3. oh yes, there was another one
    when I was 21, I had a dream . . .
    I was at a party with some girl, whom I didn’t know,
    but who felt awfully familiar, like a guide in spirit
    an old friend
    we were chatting and suddenly she put her hand to my 2nd chakra
    and smiled at me with a huge beautiful smile and said:
    looks like you are about to join the healers family 🙂
    . . .
    this dream made certain of what my path was for this lifetime 🙂
    many Holiday Blessings to u & a Joyous New Year

    • Hello Janno, thank you for your wonderful comments here. It is wonderful that you followed your heart to find your own truth as a healer. Thank you for sharing your stories. May 2012 be a beautiful and very happy year for you!

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