Walking with the earth

This is a guest post by Susan Gale

Rhythms, cycles, lives leading to more life, interdependency, and our rightful place in the scheme of things. These are some of the lessons learned when one walks with the earth.

To walk with the earth is to be mindful of her children, our relations. When we walk with the earth, we come to the realization that all life can exist very well without human presence, but that two-leggeds cannot exist for more than a few minutes without the plant people.  This means that it is our responsibility to take care of the earth so that we can continue to exist in the natural harmony and beauty of life.

When we take time to observe, we realize that no two animals in a given species are exactly the same.  Each leaf is a unique thing.  When we take time to listen, we can hear the songs of not only the birds, but also of the wind, the water, the creepy crawlers, and the four-leggeds.  When we take time to listen, we hear the cry of the dying tree and the mourning of its brothers and sisters that surround it.  We also hear the rejoicing of the new shoots that come from the earth, growing from its ancestors who have gone before it.

The earth’s rhythms teach us that the violence of storms, floods and fires are necessary for new growth, for bringing in new nutrients, just as the challenges in our lives give us the opportunity for new spiritual growth, for new ideas.

All life is cyclical.  All is done within the pulse of the earth’s heartbeat, which you can hear if you press your ear to the ground and get really quiet. Her heartbeat is slow and strong, sustaining us all.

We cannot walk with the earth when we are noisy and busy.  We must be silent and mindful.  We walk with quiet feet so as not to disturb our relations.  We do not take more than we need, and we use all we take.  We are mindful of what we ask of our relations when we take their lives to sustain our own and do so with gratitude, honoring their gifts of life to us.  It is only when we live outside the rhythm that our brothers and sisters are seen as pests or dangers or that we abuse their sacrifices.  There is enough for us all.

To walk with the earth, we must spend time with her.  It does not matter if it is a small plot of grass in the middle of the city or the vast expanses of land in the forest, her rhythm and lessons are the same.  As our earth is shifting from so much abuse, it is important that we once again learn to walk in harmony with her truths, rather than to society’s misguided perceptions.

©Susan Gale

Susan Gale is the manager of A Place of Light in central Massachusetts
where she creates a space for people to understand, control and develop
their intuitive awareness.  Much of this is accomplished through walking
with the earth.



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