To be creative is to be open to “Yes” in all its forms

This is a guest post by David Razowsky

–The Yes of initial acceptance of what is here.

–The Yes that comes when you look at something with beginner’s eyes, with the eyes of a child, the eyes of a traveler, the eyes of an explorer, the eyes of the newly-freed spirit.

–The Yes of letting go of the echoes of History, of Myth, of Superstition, the Previously Known, the Pre-Ordained, the Assumed, the Status Quo, the Voice of the People, the Voice of the Government, the Voice of Our Ancestors/Husbands/Wives/Friends/Co-Workers/Church/Synagogue/Teacher/Me.

–The Yes that comes in knowing that you are not alone when you say yes, the Yes of fearlessness, of courage, of independence, the Yes of knowing that what you think has never been thought that way, of what you say has never been said that way, of how you dress/look/listen/smell/cook/paint/dance/walk/sing/fuck/shop/drive/pause/sneeze has never been performed that way.

–The Yes of knowing that you are always standing next to something, looking at something, and then truly seeing what is next to that thing, on top of that thing, under that thing, whether that thing is a sculpture, a painting, an orchestra, a rag, roadkill, a coffee cup in the hand of the guy on the bus, and the bus driver, the bus, the road, the street sign, the light bulb, the guy who maintains that light bulb, the woman who is that guy’s primary care physician, the primary care physician’s primary care physician. That person’s sister-in-law.

–The Yes that comes in knowing that the only time you’re done is when you’re dead, and when you’re dead your only done being here, for the thing next to life is The Thing Adjacent to Life, and that thing needs to be accepted, for it is there in its form, and to ignore that is not say “Yes.”

–The Yes that comes when you listen to your heart and not your ego, when your quiet mind alerts you to the small “ting” tug in your gut that tells you notice that thing you’ve never noticed that you’ve changed because you’re inspired, you’ve changed because your aware of something you’ve never been aware of, you’ve changed because you’re seeing/feeling/smelling something that’s always been there, because creativity isn’t about manufacturing something out of nothing, it’s about noticing what’s been happening while you weren’t aware.

Now, stop.


Look over there.

See that?

Yes. Of course you do.

Nicely done.

©David Razowsky

David Razowsky teaches improvisational acting in a Buddhist fashion all over the globe, which includes his Drop-In Class in Hollywood on most Thursdays. His collages open him up, spread him out and humble him. Check him out:

Collage: ‘A High Step’ by David Razowsky

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