Creating consciously begins with your focus

Just because your body shows up someplace doesn’t mean your energy is with it.

Where you put your focus is where your energy is. Where you put your energy is where you are spiritually, as a being. That is also where you create.  You’ll need that all important part of you – your spirit – in order to create what it is you want. The more of your energy you can have here now, where your body is, the easier it is to create effortlessly.

What are you focusing on now? If you spend a lot of time and energy focusing on someone else’s problems, you might have a difficult time focusing on what it is you want to create. If you have a habit of putting your attention on negatives, like your own self perceived shortcomings, you’ll be limited as to how much of your energy is available to manifest your new creations. If you’ve got your attention on the past, trying to solve old issues you cannot ever solve, your energy isn’t here. You can get pretty stuck this way.

Your attention point is so valuable that it’s constantly being competed for. The people in your family, those you work with, friends, marketers, salespeople, entertainers, news shows, political candidates – everyone wants to get your attention. The competition is stiff and the playing field is full.

Just imagine – if all of those people are competing to have you pay attention to them, you must possess something incredibly valuable!

So, what would happen if you were to turn your attention point back on yourself and your own life?

Begin by asking yourself honestly, do you find the latest antics by out of control celebrities more entertaining than your own life? Are the personal dramas of your friends and family taking up so much of your energy that you barely have enough left to take care of your needs? Do you spend a lot of time watching TV, most of it bad news? All of this has the effect of scattering your energy so that you don’t have it with you.

You can decide to become conscious about where you are putting your energy.

Doing this will help you to heal yourself, get to know yourself better, learn more about what is true for you now, what’s out of date, and what you really want. Meditation and grounding will help you with this, because when you practice these simple tools, you naturally bring your attention back to yourself now, in this moment.

If you’re focusing on happiness, peace, joy, love, forgiveness, gratitude – you’ll create these energies in your life. You’ll have them available for your own use. If you pay attention to what your body needs from you, and you listen to it, you’ll create a healthy diet, and you’ll know what your body needs to stay vibrant. If you listen to your intuition, your still small voice within, you’ll allow yourself to be guided in ways nothing else can do for you.

It’s hard to sit still and focus when there are so many distractions in the world. If you find time every day to sit and listen to yourself and to your body, without outside interference, you’ll gain valuable information. Your body is wise, and so are you. All of that outside grit and noise can wear down your ability to listen, so you have to decide to own it. Once you begin, you’re on your way!

©Kris Cahill /
Photo ©Aussiegall on Flickr

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