We are all creative beings

This is a guest post by Amadaes Baj

To be creative is to . . . dream . . . is to live . . . is to breathe . . . is to love. Creativity is not something bestowed upon a chosen few. It’s innate, it’s human, invisible, visible, manifested, and in the ether. It is everywhere – like the air – like molecules – and atoms – and water – and emotions. To be creative is to have energy . . . to express energy. And we all express energy, whether we like it or not . . . we are all creative beings.

According to an amalgam of dignified definitions: to be creative is to: “possess the ability to bring something new into form, to produce something through imaginative skill.”

Just by incarnating into the physical body that you are, you are creating, bringing something new into form. And every hour of your day, every thought and emotion you have, every decision you make, feeling that moves through you, you are producing the experience of you into form. I see you. I experience you. You see me. You experience me. We are now both imagining and creating. We are creative.

And I want to see you, experience you, for you are unlike any other energy I have ever experienced. Your expression is valid and it matters and you are creating something original in this world just by existing = YOU!!!

As an artist, I often get asked about my creativity. People want to know how I access my creative voice:  how I came up with the words to a song or a poem, or how I learned to play an instrument. They are curious to know what makes a “creative person” tick, as if somehow, I am one of the chosen few, blessed with the ability to express.

But, I am not one of the chosen few. I am just like you in that I am a living breathing human being expressing energy. And, like you, my energy is unique, imbued with all those thoughts and feelings and energies that somehow make up the tangible and intangible “me.”

My creating and creativity comes from being me, living my life, bringing out the “universe inside.” We are all creators and creative beings, all with a rich universe to be expressed. But there is nothing you need to do to be creative. It’s enough to just be, to breathe, to exist in this moment. The art of identity, of creating your life, your relationships, these things are your most magnificent creations and showcase your greatest creativity.

We live in a culture that separates “the creative” from the “non-creative, the “artist” from the “non-artist.” To be labeled “creative” is akin to being called a “genius” or “talented,” terms reserved for the special few. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard good friends, bright imaginative friends, tell me that they are “not creative.” They will defend their lack of creativity, give me examples of singing out of tune in church, or not being able to draw anything other than a stick figure . . . and I will listen patiently, because my friends seem so intent on making their point: “I am not creative!” But, as many times as I’ve been told “I am not creative” by someone I certainly believe IS creative, I never get used to the idea. I simply cannot understand why the term creative or artist gets reserved for just a few people who are born with some innate talent to sing four octaves or draw likenesses at age 5.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

It seems to me that the difference between being labeled “creative” or claiming the title of “artist” lies with permission. It is difficult in this society to give oneself the permission to express and own it. It can be challenging to belong to a group and own your own unique energy, separate from the group mentality, and yet still belong.

But, I will say it again.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

So, please live your life, and breathe, and dream and love, and dance. You can give yourself the permission to express. You already are creative; you already are an artist. And the more you allow yourself to embrace your energy, the more you give yourself permission to express yourself in all the ways unique to you being you, the more you will find yourself feeling creative. It’s already there, within you, around you . . . just give yourself permission to claim it!

©Amadaes Baj

Amadaes Baj is an accomplished musician, songwriter, healer, filmmaker, historian, and writer. She is currently working on an original screenplay set during the Civil War, and finishing up her first solo album. As a healer, she is helping musicians and artists to heal themselves and once more find their creative voice. Amadaes lives in West Hollywood, California. Visit her blog, Amadaes Alchemy, and her website: AmadaesCreative.com.

‘Sunfeather’ ©Amadaes Baj

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6 thoughts on “We are all creative beings

  1. Your words ring true. We all work so hard to limit ourselves. If we worked half as hard to release our fears and be free we could all create the world of dreams and live with much more happiness.

  2. Beautifully and creatively expressed, sister! Like you, I believe in that divine spark that we all possess … and too frequently neglect.

  3. We need to encourage the beauty and individuality in each one of us. You’ve written it out beautifully. Think it’s also about us supporting one another! I support you! Rasin’ my glass!


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